lukedalton isAtroll

lukedalton isAtroll

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  • luke D. posted 1502 days ago

    luke D.

    you changed your name in honor of me? im so flattered.

  • Alex Callos posted 1602 days ago

    Alex Callos

    Thanks for the post and the kind words. I appreciate it.

  • luke D. posted 1603 days ago

    luke D.

    I notice a lot of the comments are missing from that would seem you went back and deleted them for damage control, huh? That way other people might not see how wrong you were, or how infantile you were, when you started trying to curse me out. Too funny.

  • luke D. posted 1604 days ago

    luke D.

    Perhaps you should go back and reread MY posts. I continued to ask you clarification questions, and you FAILED to answer them. I used factual stats, and used logical comparisons, of which YOU used none. Instead of being pissed off at other people for misunderstanding your posts, maybe you should take the time to consider that just maybe YOU failed at constructing clear, logical arguments. Furthermore, the fact that you had to resort to name calling is pathetic and infantile. Grow the eff up. I suggest you either grab a pair of balls, and step up your debating game, or, take your ball and go home.

  • Cornelius Johnson posted 1610 days ago

    Cornelius Johnson

    i appreciate ur unbiased opinions