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Coach Bolanos

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Hello there, My name is Coach Bolanos, and I reside in the Minne Apple , also known as Minneapolis, Minnesota.
I was born in Bogota, Colombia South America and came to the U.S. at the age of 3.
I became addicted to world futbol (soccer) since I saw my very first World Cup Italia '90 with my old man. The teams I support are FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus, River Plate and Minnesota United ( which I hope one day will be a pro MLS team) . I am also a supporter of the United States Mens National Team, Colombia National Team and Argentina National Team.
Aside from soccer, I am also a huge fan of the Minnesota Vikings.
When I'm not playing soccer , I'm studying and coaching soccer. I hope one day in the near future to coach an MLS team and then go coach for a top division European team and be very successful there. I would also like to help strengthen American soccer here in the states so that we can one day be a great soccer power in the world.

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