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George Fernandez


Love sports with the NFL being my favorite. Also love music, movies & cooking.

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  • Judy Eastham posted 1477 days ago

    Judy Eastham

    Thanks for the billboard 23 miles from the stadium, I hear the lights on it makes for great target practice. LOL

  • Judy Eastham posted 1477 days ago

    Judy Eastham

    By 2 points. We totally killed you in Seattle. The headlines were "49 ners embarrassed in Seattle". LOL Have fun in the tundra we will be resting and enjoying the time off.

  • MArauding Gerbils posted 1611 days ago

    MArauding  Gerbils

    (1) @mArauding Gerbils: You know for somebody that is Dumber than a Rock you use pretty big words in expanding the English language.

    But no mistaking your Ignorance

    (2) @Marauding gErbels: And you got these "assumptions" from.....where?

    Thin air?

    Unless you're a 49er coach OR Kaep's confidant then your blowing smoke out of your Corn Hole.


    Because you know all.


    You're getting dumber not smarter with every Post.

    @mArauding Gerbils: He's still on the team right?

    So you can play the "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" all you want & maybe somebody dumber than you will buy the crap that you're selling. I doubt it

    I'm into the "Reality" & that is.... AJ is still on the Team. And I expect him to be come September.

    So come back in September & we'll see who was right. But I highly doubt you have the Stones to come back here when you're found wrong in your "assumptions"

    @Thom: The fact that he's telling everyone that he was at TC watching tells you that he's a Complete Joke that has no Credibility now.

    Him & his Gerbil Brother should be ignored.

    Clearly Grant this guy's a Tool & if he was part of our Crew tailgating at 49ers games "spewing" this we would all be taking turns whippin' this guy's ass that's for damn sure.

    I'm not one to tolerate Stupidity.


    Because you're showing just how much "common sense" you have right now.

    Join your Gerbil Village it's growing population by the minute.

    **** How right are you feeling now, George ? Argumentative midget with an equally matched mind. If you're using your own sense of common sense....I'd get a refund.

  • Dylan DeSimone posted 1907 days ago

    Dylan DeSimone

    Hey George,

    Thanks for frequenting my articles. Always enjoy your feedback.


  • JW Nix posted 2811 days ago

    JW Nix

    The Biggest Oversight in Pro Football History :