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  • Will posted 830 days ago


    Where did you disappear to ???

    All of your friends miss you, bro.

  • DG Skilla posted 1429 days ago

    DG Skilla

    Des, you're Tebow bashing ( providing facts ) lives on. You stuck to your words. If
    Tebowmania dies, you would exit B/R. It sucks because I miss ya bro. I kinda wish
    that bulky bum would wear a dress ( a writer documents it ) just so I can hear from
    you again.

  • Bobbi posted 1560 days ago


    Ha! Thank you! You fanned my friend - The Tebow Belieber - 9er Gal.
    You are a good man and a great friend - Da1uLuv2Hate.

    Timmie can throw Tebow Belieber Kardashian - made us proud Friday
    Night... 4-12 comp in NE's first preseason game??? Go-Go Tebow!!!

    Des: Sometimes it's a blessing that I don't have a bulletin board :))
    But you can answer me on yours if you want a bunch of RANTS on it :((

  • 9erGal posted 1600 days ago


    Hey there. I'm Bobbi's friend... Marie, aka 9er Gal.

    What teams/players do you like?? You seem so discreet, lol.

    Bobbi is turning me into a Tebow belieber! Haha!

  • Long gone posted 1600 days ago

    Long gone

    Nice tongue.

  • Bobbi posted 1601 days ago


    Hey DP:

    I talk to you way to much on the boards so what am I doing here?
    To wish you a good day and tell you that your new fan... 9er Gal
    is one of my friends.

    She is way cool and... I'm not telling you what to do but maybe
    you should consider fanning her back.

    OH, by-the-way, you are handling Tim Tebow's move to your NE
    Patriots quiet well. Lol, we both knew that was going to happen.

    Bobbi - Your favorite Tebow fan - Ha-ha.

  • DG Skilla posted 1620 days ago

    DG Skilla

    A good Desmond Perkins replacement? Are you Desmond? YES YOU ARE.
    Welcome back. I know that bastard John C flagged you. Where's he now? LOL XD.
    Keep doing big thangs, stay truth to yourself... and thanks for fanning me again.
    ( interesting username ). And don't worry about the Tebow/Pats ( bogus ) era.
    He'll be lucky... just to make the roster. We know how high NE's standards are.
    I see the Tebow singing as a Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries marriage. LOL XD.

    Oh... what the hell, I'll go on some of Tebow articles later, just to see what other
    people are saying. ( half of them are probably our fans ).