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Hey, my name actually isn't Dean Webb, but I've always wanted a pseudonym, so there you have it.

I live in Omaha and really enjoy College Football. Even though my passion spans across all of College Football, I do have a favorite team. Not by choice or intention, but rather by chance. I grew up in Nebraska and spent my impressionable years watching the Huskers roll off championship after championship. These days the fan in me spends my emotional energy chasing down that feeling again. So for better or worse I remain a fan of Nebraska.

I try however to remain objective. Maybe it's the the journalism degree that I have but currently don't use that makes me want to keep it real. Objectivity is of high importance to me when discussing anything from religion to politics to food to sports.

I've always wanted to write my opinions about sports and think this site is a great platform for aspiring writers. For whatever reason if anyone out there would like to explore opportunities with me please email me at Thanks for your interest or disinterest.

Dean Webb

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