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Elon Gerberg

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NBA... that is my calling and only sports passion. I have been an avid follower of the NBA for over fifteen years, the only sport organization that really matters to me. I often appear on the television sports show called "All Bets Are Off," which is hosted by Bruce Drennan on Sports Time Ohio. The Cavaliers are my favorite team, and the team I follow the closest. I was fortunate enough to grow up watching the greatest athlete of all time, Michael Jordan, throughout all his accomplishments whether it be scoring titles, MVP's, or winning six championships and today I am able to watch every game of his successor, Lebron James, and I can only imagine the milestones he will surpass. It's safe to say, NBA has always been my true pride and joy. I have a lot of knowledge in the NBA, but I am only 22, so my way of telling my take on the NBA is much more new age. I call it like I see it, based on experience. No sugar coating.

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