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  • Amanda Todd Didn't deserve it posted 705 days ago

    Amanda Todd Didn't deserve it

    Which is better, TNA or WWE?

  • Red Devil Woman posted 708 days ago

    Red Devil Woman


  • Colton G posted 848 days ago

    Colton G

    Hey, I've been good. Just started college, and that's a pain in the a$$, but, I gotta get through it. And I'd love to see a pro-Miz rant. The guy is underrated, and even though he wasn't a GREAT wrestler, he was good, and he was awesome (pun intended) on the mic.

  • Colton G posted 956 days ago

    Colton G

    I had to get this new account because my old one got frozen

  • Colton G posted 1240 days ago

    Colton G

    Yea, sorry about that. I actually found your instagram after I made the 2nd comment, and was embarrassed. I tried to delete my comment, but it wouldn't let me. Karma I guess.

  • Colton G posted 1244 days ago

    Colton G

    Actually, ignore my last comment, because I looked up your facebook and instagram, and NEITHER EXIST. First off, there are 3 Jonithon Veazie's. BUT NO JOHNITHON VEAZIE'S, so unless you SOMEHOW MISPELLED YOUR OWN NAME, that facebook doesn't exist. And there is no record of your instagram. Give me a link to both, and this issue will be resolved.

  • Colton G posted 1244 days ago

    Colton G

    Sorry dude. Try not to take it so seriously. I apologize if I truly offended you, but come on. You emphasized work, gym, and wife. USUALLY when people do that, it's to trick people into believing those things. Try being more subtle about it next time, cause I won't be the only one who "calls you out". Again, I'm sorry.

  • The Gap posted 1271 days ago

    The Gap

    Thanks for the add.

  • Just Another Mark posted 1399 days ago

    Just Another  Mark

    Hey, thanks a lot for the fan ad!! May I know,what caught your eye??

  • Rollins4Life posted 1413 days ago


    Hello! I will not be writing a review this week because of a lot of busy stuff(getting my moped/motorcycle(what you call it?) license), and school stuff. If you want any of my comments on the crowd, I hated the crowd. Chanting disrespectful chants at the great performance of Sheamus vs Christian, whining about Punk etc.

    Cheers. Olli S.