Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson

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  • Jayson Caldwell posted 782 days ago

    Jayson Caldwell

    You should play second base in the MLB during offseasons.

  • Butt Fumble posted 820 days ago

    Butt Fumble

    Butt Fumble

    Your good

  • Mighty Birds Of Prey posted 826 days ago

    Mighty Birds Of Prey

    I know this probably isn't really Russell Wilson, but I'm going to ask anyways.

    Would it be too much to ask you to keep an eye out for a younger dude wearing a retired Marine hat and a Steve Largent throwback jersey at the training camp on the 27th of July. I just picked up your rookie card and would really appreciate if you'd sign it.

    Semper Fi! Go Hawks!

  • Long gone posted 843 days ago

    Long gone


  • Dehrich Schmidt posted 844 days ago

    Dehrich Schmidt

    You're my absolute favorite QB to watch in the league. May be a bit biased as a Hawks fan.. But you're also my favorite Hawks QB that I've ever seen. Very glad to have you on our team!

  • Johnny Bravo posted 847 days ago

    Johnny Bravo


  • Johnny Bravo posted 848 days ago

    Johnny Bravo

    You guys have the best defense in the league, the Seahawks defense is even better than the 49ers defense. Also, I fanned you.

  • Spiders Georg posted 848 days ago

    Spiders Georg

    Welcome to B/R, Russell

  • Jay Cutler posted 848 days ago

    Jay Cutler

    Welcome Russel we have been expecting you

  • Johnny Bravo posted 849 days ago

    Johnny Bravo

    Pats-Seahawks Superbowl.