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  • Marcus Hill posted 1558 days ago

    Marcus Hill

    Thanks for the edits! PS I think for the next few seasons/drafts NO needs to focus on their weak spots on D. Drew Brees can throw to practice dummies and put points on the board. If I were NO's front office I would key in on trading some running backs to a team that is willing to trade for D.

  • Bob Fox posted 1559 days ago

    Bob Fox

    Thanks for all your help and input today, Matthew! I really appreciate it.

  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 1562 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller

    Hey Matthew,
    I wanted to say thanks for the edits and feedback on the SmackDown recap last week. The kind words were very much appreciated.

  • Scott Polacek posted 1565 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits today Matthew. Much appreciated.

  • Bob Fox posted 1566 days ago

    Bob Fox

    Thanks for all the help and input today, Matthew. I really appreciate it.

  • Thomas Cooper posted 1571 days ago

    Thomas Cooper

    Thanks for the edits on my Tottenham article yesterday, Matthew.

  • Alec Snyder posted 1572 days ago

    Alec Snyder

    Thanks for the edits, Matthew! Much appreciated!

  • Alfred Konuwa posted 1573 days ago

    Alfred Konuwa

    Thanks for the edits, Matthew. You're right, Vernon Davis is a helluva tight end and deserves props as well.

  • Bob Fox posted 1573 days ago

    Bob Fox

    I really appreciate your help, input and kind words today, Matthew!

  • Giancarlo Ferrari-King posted 1584 days ago

    Giancarlo Ferrari-King

    Thanks very much for the edits! Appreciate the feedback and you cleaning up the piece. Fantasy football can't get here soon enough!