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Happily married w/ kids and a very big fan of Dale Jr. and Nascar. I have been a fan of Nascar now for over 10yrs. I have met a Jamie McMurry and Clint Bowyer in the past, thanks to my job, but haven't met Jr. yet, well at least not up close and personal like I did the others. Besides, Jr., I have other drivers I like, but never as much as Jr. Over the years, I have learned to respect the drivers for what they do. My husband is a Carl Edwards fan, but we manage to get along quite well on weekends of the race because we have respect for each other driver. I have been to my share of races and hopefully many more in my future. It's a sport that many of my friends can't get into and don't understand why I like it, but hey, I love it..I'm a Nascar fanatic!!

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