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  • Nikola Kulczycki posted 2338 days ago

    Nikola Kulczycki

    Maybe it's because you're a Michigan fan that you didn't include the Spartan Marching Band.
    Maybe you inadvertently left them out.
    Maybe you intentionally left them out.

    But before I get into that, allow me to say this: "Michigan" and "modest" don't belong in the same sentence. Ever.

    That being said...

    Unlike U-M, we do some things a little differently:

    1) Our cadence is actually difficult. The Wolverine band low-steps a majority of their cadence. We, on the other hand, chair-step. All of it. Thigh parallel, calf perpendicular, toe pointed. Every. Single. Step. Plus, we actually do HORN MOVES when we cadence. Just to bust our balls that much more. Nuff said.

    2) We invented the kickstep, which is our unique way of taking the field, for the 1954 Rose Bowl. 220 bpm, plus knee lifts. What does U-M do? They kind of...bounce around.

    3) Patterns in Motion, created by Bill Moffit in the 1960s for MSU. Heard of it? Of course you haven't. Something created by MSU, for MSU; rather than a train of people or a chaotic jumble of individuals marching in straight lines to their coordinates, for our pregame show, we march in squads of four, performing pinwheels, flanks, and to-the-rears, often independently of the rest of the band. This enables some pretty cool visuals. Look up "spinning the S." Want to know the difference between our S and your M? We actually do something fancy to arrive at it.

    Other than that, we do pretty much the exact same stuff. Truth be told, there is nothing inherently special about the U-M marching band. I'd even venture to say that they're pretty run-of-the-mill for a Big Ten band.

    Oh, and one more thing: before you try to play the "rich in tradition" card on me, the Spartan Marching Band is 26 years older than Michigan's. We actually predate our (and your) football team.

    A Very Aggravated Trombonist

  • Brian Johnson posted 2848 days ago

    Brian Johnson

    i dont understand fans that cant be realistic about their team, it just sounds idiotic to make statements like this about a bad team. i like michigan, but rich rod isnt getting it done and he wont this year either.