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Sean Smith is a B/R MMA Featured Columnist. Follow him on Twitter @SeanSmithMMA.

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  • Brandon Russell posted 559 days ago

    Brandon Russell

    How do you have Roy Nelson ahead of Stipe Miocic when Stipe beat Roy? If you're going to do that, then why isn't Machida ahead of Phil Davis who hasn't done much other than a phantom win over Machida. What has Daniel Cormier done to deserve a ranking above Fabricio Verdum? Daniel Cormier calls out a loser at that!! Cormier didn't call out Verdum in which the UFC should have made Verdum vs Cormier on UFC 166.

  • Sean Smith posted 595 days ago

    Sean Smith

  • rob eymann posted 599 days ago

    rob  eymann

    where are your matches to make after ufc 164?

  • roy faz posted 625 days ago

    roy faz

    I just have to mention the fact that your wrong about Barao beating Dominick Cruz. Not trying to piss you off or anything but I just have to say Dominick is gonna win. I know you seen Barao beat Dominick's opponents in a more impressive way but it doesn't exactly mean ALOT. And just because Barao has been stuffing every takedown doesn't mean he is the better wrestler. I get the fact that Dominick has had to use his wrestling when he's getting hit but you have to remember that his takedowns are alot more unpredictable that any other of Barao's past opponents. He has really good timing. He won't be able to keep him down though pretty much all his other opponents. The fight will go to decision cause Cruz doesn't have alot of power in his strikes.

  • Lasse Danielsen posted 697 days ago

    Lasse Danielsen

    Hey Sean. When are you going to make a "Ranking every fighter in every division" article again???

  • Alejandro Prieto posted 788 days ago

    Alejandro Prieto

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    Any questions, feel free to email me.

    Alejandro Prieto
    Fighters Source
    Marketing/Events Coordinator

  • Josh Matt posted 893 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

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