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I joined Bleacher Report in February 2010 and accepted the position of Pittsburgh Steelers Featured Columnist in March. During my time at B/R, I have appeared on various podcasts, conducted a player interview and have written about other NFL topics besides the Steelers.

Each summer, I make daily trips to St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA to provide the coverage of Steelers training camp. You can also find me at Heinz Field for every Steelers home game to provide a perspective of the game from the seats.

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  • Samuel Lavin posted 299 days ago

    Samuel Lavin

    what direction to the steelers will go with their first round pick? do you think they will trade back? is there any late round sleepers that you think the steelers would be interested in?

  • Alex Gibson III posted 310 days ago

    Alex Gibson III


  • Ahmd AbdAllah posted 357 days ago

    Ahmd AbdAllah


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  • Samuel Lavin posted 380 days ago

    Samuel Lavin

    What corners and safeties do you think the Steelers should take a look at? Also, what do you think of DaQuan James and Ben Gardner?

  • Tom Chaffee posted 462 days ago

    Tom Chaffee

    Chris- How can we reach you and fellow Steelers columnists via email?

  • Adam Ross posted 537 days ago

    Adam Ross

    do you think that the steelers can go 12-4 this year.

  • Pat Kondzella posted 889 days ago

    Pat Kondzella

    My pleasure, Chris.

  • Craig Ressler posted 907 days ago

    Craig Ressler

    Chris, since you have been watching the Steelers daily training camp I wonder what you thought A. Browns final season receiving stats will be. Assuming he plays all season. Btw, you said one of your all-time favorite moments was the Steelers-Colts 1996 AFC Championship Game Hail Mary. I was at that game but we were on near the other end zone. We all thought they completed the pass. The whole stadium was miserable for a brief moment. Also thinks for your daily training camp updates they have been awesome.

  • Chad Waller posted 910 days ago

    Chad Waller

    Sure. I changed "identify" to "identity" in the headline.

  • Lynn McEachern posted 914 days ago

    Lynn McEachern

    Right back atcha! :D

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