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I am a 21 year kid who's a full time employee supporting myself and my love for sports. I am a very loyal fan who has stuck with my favorite teams since childhood and wouldn't jump on a bandwagon ever. My father was in the military so I moved and lived in a lot of different places causing a wide range in location of my favorite teams. My favorite teams for each sport go as follows: Football: Kansas City Chiefs, Basketball: New Jersey Nets and Chicago Bulls, Baseball: New York Yankees, CFB: Michagan, CBB: North Carolina Tar Heels. Im a huge basketball player although I never played in High School or even for an organized team in my life. I had several DII scholarship when several coaches saw me play in a charity game at the University of St. Louis (were my aunt teaches english). I was also told to try and walk on for a couple of mid-major DI schools in VA but was never able to keep enough body weight to actually have a chance to bang with the bigger bodies. Growing up in the 90's I was a Bulls and HUGE MJ fan (although who wasn't) but eventually became a bigger New Jersey Nets fan. This was due to in large part thanks to my favorite point gaurd and player of All-Time (aside from MJ) Jason Kidd, plus the addition of Vince Carterrr was pretty big in my books as a UNC fan. JKidd is pretty much the sole reason I became a Nets fan and his departure was the saddest day of my life, but winning a ring this year makes up for it and was one of the best days of my life!!!! I was a huge LeBron fan when he was in Cleveland but I disagree with his "Decision" and think he sold his sole to the devil when he made it. His "decision" has destroyed any chance he had at being called the greatest player ever no matter what his stats end up as. My father's from Kansas City so I grew up watching the Chiefs, Derrick Thomas (*RIP*), and Dante Hall aka The X-Factor, and I would ride or die for the team. Eric berry in my opinion will go down as one of the greatest safties to ever play the game when his career is over and im saying it NOW! As fas as baseball goes I was born in New York and lived in the Bronx across from Yankee Stadium for my most impressionable years. My mother was born there and her whole family still resides in the greatest state and city in the nation! I grew up loving the Yankees and idolizing Derek Jeter as we share the same birthday and he's dated the sexiest/greatest list of women any man could possibly want. My favorite College Football team is Michigan and although I have never lived there and have no connections to the school they were the first football team I ever saw on national TV. I will always remeber that day when I saw the historic Maize and Blue, and the iconic winged helmets with the most recognizable/greatest fight song ever. As far as College Basketball its all about UNC because of the great MJ! After I started following them the great tradition of Tar Heel basketball sucked me in and never let me go. I am a very busy person but whenever I have free time its spent on something sports related. I haven't written an article yet but intend too one day when I find some spare time. I am very knowledgeable in football and basketball but that doesn't mean I dont know my stuff on most other sports. Im always up to any debat or argument you have so if you want to have one bring it haha.

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