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IT'S A LONG TIME COMING! But im Back from a long hiatus from here and I'm feeling kinda homesick. Hello! Well to my page. Feel free to leave a comment or an inbox at anytime I will answer! (Eventually.) Haters not allowed!

Long time fan of the Dallas cowboys and Notre Dame. New York Mets is going to the playoffs, I DONT CARE WHAT ANYBODY SAYS! Thunders for NBA champs 2014! Waiting for Kurt angle's soon to be return to the Wwe and feud with Daniel Bryan...Yes! Yes! Yes!

Ps Luka is life. If you're not down with that i got two words for ya....Bo-eieve it! Lol

Personal quote: if one doesn't believe in thyself then how does one believe in others?

#Kurt Anglefan4life

R.I.P TNA 2002-2014

All love,peace, and happiness. *Drops mic*

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  • Ashley Jensen posted 7 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    Let me a message and I will reply.

  • Ashley Jensen posted 11 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    You are on the wrong coast! lol

  • Ashley Jensen posted 14 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    I spend time at the beach with friends. Maybe a BBQ at a friend who has a pool!

  • Bobbi posted 15 days ago


    My 4th was wild - In the wilderness camping without electricity!!!

    And... Yours?

  • Ashley Jensen posted 17 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    How is your wrestling weekend looking?

  • Monique Black posted 18 days ago

    Monique Black

    LOL, thanks. I am actually here all the time but I dont post in the articles very much anymore.

  • Female Orton Fan posted 19 days ago

    Female Orton Fan

    t.a.t.u. Google it

  • Ashley Jensen posted 19 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    And I have never had AOL... lol

  • Monique Black posted 20 days ago

    Monique Black

    All is well in my world :) Yeah, my neighbors seem to think that its still a good idea to shoot off fireworks 5 days later. LOL, its cool though :)

  • Female Orton Fan posted 20 days ago

    Female Orton Fan

    She is a Steeler's fan after all.