Andy Korpalski

Andy Korpalski


I am a recent Arizona State University graduate (Spring 2008).

I eat, drink, sleep sports, especially football and baseball.

I am also a fantasy sports junky (football, baseball, basketball, and hockey).

I am also trying to follow hockey closer now due to the fact that the sport is on fire right now and could see crazy growth if marketed correctly and the league is able to identify a better performance metric in the near future.

My favorite teams are the Miami Dolphins, Oakland A's, San Jose Sharks, and Oklahoma City Thunder. I am actually from Boise, ID so thats why my teams are from all different areas across the nation.

I consider myself pretty well versed in football and baseball and am very excited to publish some articles and to interact with others on different sports topics!!

My new obsession has become english premier league soccer. I am a diehard Chelsea and love watching the EPL, La Liga, and Champions League.

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