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  • Chris Fleming posted 2 days ago

    Chris Fleming

    Thanks for the edits, Mike! Does that rule with the block quotes still apply if I obtained the quote myself?

  • Mark Vandeusen posted 5 days ago

    Mark Vandeusen

    Mike, thanks for your help, I have a couple questions for you. One, I have written several articles of this sort with the exact (but different) format in the subheadline for pitchers and hitters, and you are the first to change it. Also, with the Boston globe, I believe the "The" should be italicized since it is in the title and on the masthead. That's what previous editors have done as well. Thanks!

  • Thomas Cooper posted 28 days ago

    Thomas Cooper

    Thanks for the edits on my Tottenham article today, Mike. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • Nick Selbe posted 51 days ago

    Nick Selbe

    Thanks for catching all of those mistakes, Mike. You're a lifesaver.

  • Robert Aaron Contreras posted 82 days ago

    Robert Aaron Contreras

    Thanks for looking over my work, Mike.

  • Karl Buscheck posted 82 days ago

    Karl Buscheck

    Thanks for the edits, Mike.

  • Scott Polacek posted 89 days ago

    Scott Polacek

    Thanks for the edits, Mike. Always appreciate the feedback.

  • Curt Popejoy posted 95 days ago

    Curt Popejoy

    Mike thank you for the edits. I feel like an idiot with those stats and draft order being wrong. The site I pulled them from was incorrect, but all in one place, and didn't go back to confirm.

  • Jason Fray posted 96 days ago

    Jason Fray

    Thanks Mike, appreciate the thorough edit.

  • Thomas Cooper posted 103 days ago

    Thomas Cooper

    Thanks for the edits on my Tottenham transfer piece today, Mike.