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  • ROB Comstock posted 2213 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    am i crazy?
    oh...i guess i am

    well i can find other friends if u guys don't wanna hang out with someone crazy like me

    wait...why am i crazy?
    oh yeh
    i cut my hair

  • Sarah Concilio posted 2242 days ago

    Sarah Concilio

    to u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Concilio posted 2246 days ago

    Sarah Concilio

    i ment that not trying to be mean but u kind of are always on the computer and idk i think that u should try to do something else the only reason y i am saying is beacause u r kinda crazy i mean even though julie's is kinda boaring at least were together dosen't that mean anything

  • ROB Comstock posted 2249 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    what r u talking about?
    why do i need to get off the computer?
    why does everyone need to boss me around!?!?!?

    i'm not a KID! well i am but i'm not YOUR kid!
    everyone! not only "sarah" but "amanda" and "kyla"!!

    this is what makes me CRAZY!
    not just this, but other things too!

  • Sarah Concilio posted 2253 days ago

    Sarah Concilio

    get off the computer rob

  • ROB Comstock posted 2258 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    do u know ultimateguitar??

  • ROB Comstock posted 2258 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    OMFG!!!!!!! WHO ARE YOU????????

  • ROB Comstock posted 2264 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    ok john, what's ur real name?

  • ROB Comstock posted 2283 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    wuts up JOHN

  • ROB Comstock posted 2284 days ago

    ROB Comstock

    hi sarah