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  • Sir Manny 2.0 posted 183 days ago

    Sir Manny 2.0

    I'm not too worried tbh. The problems is the adjusting to the new passing options presented, and all of the goals were individual errors on our own part. It seems like were going to now play a 4-3-1-2 that shifts into a 3-4-1-2 .

  • Jazel Morffe posted 197 days ago

    Jazel Morffe

    He looks pretty good. Very confident finishing and some nice tricks. Right now, he's upgrade over Pedro. I think he deserves a fair shot to start right now.

  • Hari Nath posted 286 days ago

    Hari Nath

    Do you think Kroos would fit in Barca ?
    He was the epitome of tiki-taka style at Bayern..

  • Sir Manny posted 317 days ago

    Sir  Manny

    Also BTW do think Tata could be good for Man Utd?

  • Sir Manny posted 318 days ago

    Sir  Manny

    It's actually terrible, sometimes I just feeling like crying. No champions league, a mediocre manager, a dysfunctional team in which everyone seems to wants leave.
    It just shows how good SAF was.

  • mikhail kavami posted 320 days ago

    mikhail kavami

    i agree this comment system is just bad

  • mikhail kavami posted 321 days ago

    mikhail kavami

    where have you been ahahahhaa

  • Nick FCB posted 322 days ago

    Nick FCB

    Terrible again from the team. I don't know what to expect anymore. I'll just sit and wait and see how the next seasons play out, and probably find myself waiting for 2016 when we can correct this mess. All I really have to look forward to now is the ban getting sorted and Gerard and Rafinha coming back.

  • Nick FCB posted 325 days ago

    Nick FCB

    I agree Tre. Right now I'm reading comments from fake Cules who want to sell Messi for Suarez and Ag├╝ero. No thanks, swapping possibly the greatest player ever for a racist basket case and glass man is not a good deal. He's basically the scapegoat - we've been the Lionel Messi Show for 2 seasons now, he's been making up for all the team's deficiencies and people expect him to keep doing it. I blame him partly for being lazy and not fighting harder, but I also blame the other forwards for not stepping up when needed. The midfield, well we're stuck with backpasses and possession for the sake of it.

    We desperately need Rafinha and Deulofeu to inject some energy and hunger into this team. The defense is a joke and has been for years. I agree that only a few key changes are needed, but I disagree about Tata. I understand that he has not met all the expectations, but considering the shitty situation he has had to contend with - board issues, Rosell resigning, having no transfer budget because of Neymar's obscene transfer fee, flopping players, Messi's injuries, etc I don't want him gone. He needs to step up though, one day he is outsmarting Ancelotti and the next he reminds of Tito. I hope he can make the improvements next season though, I know this stupid ban will be either reduced and delayed or just outright revoked.

    I'm not expecting much this or next season though, it's a transition time and I'd be glad for just 1 cup a season. I don't care if we don't even win one, the only thing I won't accept is if we lose without trying. I want to see players running and actually trying to score, if we lose fighting I can forgive that. But I won't accept players walking and casually passing the ball waiting for Messi to do something.

  • Nick FCB posted 329 days ago

    Nick FCB

    Kill me now. Unless this ban gets lifted, Tata and the rest of us will have to suffer through another season with a squad of lazy underperformers. We desperately need some new blood in this squad, from the academy or outside I don't even care anymore, but changes have to be made.