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  • Chaz Erickson posted 1564 days ago

    Chaz Erickson

    But honestly, I could care less if you think it's a choice or not as long as you let them just live their lives without persecution.

  • Chaz Erickson posted 1565 days ago

    Chaz Erickson

    What the hell? Why would I have sex with a man? I'm not confused...Collins even admitted he did it because he was confused. And I admit there are very few that choose to be gay for whatever reason. But most of the time it's genetics. Sometimes in the mother's uteris a guy can get too much estrogen pumped into him causing him to have more feminin characteristics. Same with a female getting too much testosterone. Sometimes it's because a guy has older brothers and the female can't produce enough T and instead gives it more E. Vice versa with girls. And in prison they're not gay....It's a power struggle. They do it to assert their will. What's your deal with gay people, anyway? And if you want I can provide you a link to a scientific website so you can better understand this.

  • Chaz Erickson posted 1577 days ago

    Chaz Erickson

    Fail...In prison they're not gay, they're just doing it to assert to will. My father has been in prison before. And I have a gay older sister and she had boyfriends before coming out. It's something called confusion. A lot of people go through that and force themselves to be with the opposite sex even though they don't want to. Study up on some psychology before making these assertions. There's legit scientific evidence that proves people are born gay due to too many female hormones or male hormones entering them when they're fetuses. Research it before you make a retarded argument like that. I have science on my side, all you have is some silly little argument. So what if Collins had sex with a girl? Lots of gay men and women do it because they're confused or they want to hide the fact their gay. You just don't say one day "Well, I think I'll be attracted to a certain sex!" It's all genetic and hormones. I was born straight and I can't help it. Same goes with gay people.