John Brown

John Brown


Lifelong San Francisco Giants and 49ers fan. I had the wonderful fortune to grow up in the Montana/Young/Rice/Taylor/Hanks/Stubby/Haley and Biggy Young glory days of niner football when gratuitous salaries and gifts flowed like Jameson at an Irish wake.

Not to mention the pinnacle of baseball known as the early and mid nineties before everybody's backside looked like a 13 year old WOWer's face. It's true, this was when SF Giants performance enhancement meant Rod Beck's religious devotion to a six pack waiting for the ninth.

I loved 'em when they were great and even more when they tongued the bottom of their respective leagues.

Now the San Fran dynasties will return, with the respective diminutive and colossal backs of Mr. Lincecum and Mr. Willis shouldering the lovingly high expectations of the SF nation.

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