Chris Pistone

Chris Pistone


I love writing and I have what I call an unhealthy obsession with football. I'm a huge Carolina Panthers fan and I'm incredibly excited about our team this year. I'll be posting as many articles as I can write about the NFL since I just can't get enough football. Pistone is my pen name for this site which I may or may not continue using...haven't decided yet.

I love Jesus.

Other than that, I don't know what else I'd put here...


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  • T.A posted 3166 days ago


    Check out my list of the top 10 NFL Draft steals in NFL history. Let me know what you think.

  • Austin Arnold posted 3244 days ago

    Austin Arnold

    Check out my Article

  • Kristin Hamlin posted 3245 days ago

    Kristin Hamlin

    My first NFL Interview!!!

  • daniel cox posted 3286 days ago

    daniel cox


    the youngster weighs in on his picks for the second week in a row.

    this time he takes on the whole nfl:

  • Dan Parzych posted 3286 days ago

    Dan Parzych


    I decided to have a little fun this time around. What professional athletes have a celebrity look-alike? Check it out and let me know what you think!


  • Austin Penny posted 3287 days ago

    Austin Penny

    true that. i think you can subscribe to people's articles via RSS feed but i don't have an RSS reader so that doesn't do me any good...maybe i should look into that lol

  • Austin Penny posted 3287 days ago

    Austin Penny

    check it out!

  • Terry Robinson posted 3289 days ago

    Terry Robinson

    Chris, dude, all I can say is WOW. I was blown away Monday night. Not unlike the Bucs defense. HA!

  • Austin Penny posted 3289 days ago

    Austin Penny

    yeah man, it was an absolutely electric atmosphere! and HOW BOUT EM!

    look for an article in the next few days describing Monday Night from my spot in the stands.