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  • K L posted 1153 days ago

    K L

    So apparently my account was deactivated for whatever reason. Apologies for the delayed response.

    Anyway, I think he's definitely more comfortable with the new racket. Don't think he's 100% there yet like he was with his 90-inch, but he's getting there.

    The improvement on the BH has been incredible. I really don't understand why it took him so long to make the change. Imagine a 29/30 year old Federer with the new racket and not yet diminished athleticism. The things he may have been able to do ....

    One thing that really impressed me about the BH was his ability to consistently go up the line against Djokovic. That shot is vital to him beating the top guys, and will be vital if he wants to win another slam. BH CC rallies aren't usually going to go in his favor.

    Federer's got a chance to be YE #1. I just saw there is 1 week between Paris and WTF, and about 4 days after the WTF before the Davis Cup. Seeing that, he may have the physical ability to play them all. If he doesn't, logically Paris should be the one to go since he doesn't have any "ties" there as he does with Basel and the WTF like you said. If Federer can really be YE #1 it would probably be the best achievement of his career, especially since he did it without winning a slam. That means he's consistently outplayed everyone on tour for the duration of the year which is incredible at 33 years old.

    Stan's form is a bit puzzling, but he's always been a sort of enigma to me. I wonder if he's still feeling the burden and pressure of having won a slam. He plays his best tennis when he's swinging freely from the hip and not overthinking the points too much. He was terrific against Djokovic at the past two AO's. I'm sure he'll try and step up when he's representing his country.

    I think France playing Simon (potentially), would be saying to the Swiss "this match is on your racket, can you take it?" I think Federer and Wawrinka should be able to beat Simon with their attacking play provided both are playing relatively well. France, imo, should field Tsonga v Wawrinka and Monfils v Federer. I think that'll give them the best chance to win matches as both Tsonga and Monfils have the ability to win a match rather than hope the opposition makes enough errors to lose. On the other hand, if Tsonga and Monfils aren't playing well then it could be a white-wash. It's a tough choice for the French, but it's a good dilemma to have. Who would you play?

  • K L posted 1156 days ago

    K L

    Both your posts are there! I don't know why the site seems to be bugging out for you.

    I saw a stat on Sky that if Federer wins >50% of his 2nd serve points against Djokovic, he wins the match 83% of the time. Great stat, and it turned out to be true.

    I haven't yet seen the Simon match, but judging by the score I imagine it was quite close. I was hoping Federer doesn't have a let down after such a good match, so happy that he was able to pull it out. 33 years of age, and still playing world-beating tennis. It really is unheard of.

    Do you think his FH has gotten better? I think it has, it seems like he can really swing fully now without constantly over-hitting. That bodes well for him, and terribly for his opponents. His BH this week has also been extremely good. If he can find his old FH consistently, with his improved BH he's going to get more chances to add #18.

    I think he's got a shot at the YE #1, but not a massive shot at it. The points gap is still quite large, and Federer would need to go on a massive tear to get there (i.e.: win everything). At least in this sense he control's his own destiny. One thing to be wary of though is Basel->Paris->WTF and then Davis Cup right after. I'd personally rather him go after the Davis Cup trophy, because burnout by the end of those 3 tournaments is a very real possibility. He may not even play Paris, who knows.

    Definitely exciting times ahead. And the AO is only 2.5 months away!

  • K L posted 1157 days ago

    K L

    Well well, how about that performance from Federer. Probably the best match he's played all year.

  • K L posted 1183 days ago

    K L

    Welcome back!

    Well that Cilic match certainly didn't go as planned haha. Cilic played far too well that day. Absolutely teed off on everything, it was insane. Nishikori was a bit of a surprise, but watching the match it was evident Djokovic wasn't really there.

    Swiss v France Davis Cup final should be a good one. Monfils vs Federer again perhaps? I think the edge may go to France though because of their quality in depth.

  • K L posted 1192 days ago

    K L


    Not a problem! Have a good vacation, where are you off to?

    Federer should get through Cilic, note I said should. If he comes out aggressively and playing like the real Federer he should beat Cilic in 3, maybe 4. Cilic has a weakness in shots down the middle. His footwork there is sloppy and he doesn't move out of the way all the time.

    I think Djokovic will roll over Nishikori because Kei has to be feeling the effects of the last two 5 setters. I'm hoping it'll be competitive though.

  • Harris posted 1193 days ago


    Hi Wendy, I couldn't watch any of the USO matches so far. But I am going to see the semis and finals. Since you're a savvy observer of Fed's game, I'd love to have your opinion on where his game stands now. Is his forehand lethal again, does he have those concentration-lapses ? I've accepted that Fed's serve is not going to be consistently lethal, I just hope it clicks when it matters. It must be just impossible to have the shoulders well oiled at all times beyond thirty years of age !

  • K L posted 1195 days ago

    K L

    What's your assessment on Federer as he goes into the QF's against Gael?

    I think he's played well, but I also feel he still has another gear to go to. There were a few lapses in concentration, and I'm not sure what to make of that horrible start against Granollers. He was completely flat and out of it (though Granollers played as well as I've ever seen him play to be fair).

    I think Federer's USO truly starts now. Gael is playing very well, and Berdych could be waiting in the Semi's who is also playing very very well. In fact I might even say Berdych is a slight favorite should both make the semi's.

    We'll see what Federer is made of on Thursday starting with Gael.

  • K L posted 1202 days ago

    K L

    Hmm Fed didn't look too convincing against Matosevic (spelling). At least not when I was watching (later part of set 2 and all of set 3). BH passes were good, but his FH was off, and the break point conversion, my gosh it was just terrible.

    Sam Groth next, big server, that's all I know about him. According to ESPN he hit a 163 MPH serve at a Challenger event. That's not going to be fun to deal with.

    Let's see if Federer plays better in the next few rounds.

    Djokovic looked good though.

  • K L posted 1203 days ago

    K L

    Agreed. Stan's BH is better than some player's FH, it's incredible what he can do with it. He has also improved his FH a lot, especially when he was in Australia earlier this year.

    I think the one thing I don't agree with in the "best of" article is the fact Federer didn't make top 5 for movement. I think that's a crime. They also didn't say if we're judging players on their current abilities or in their prime. Regardless Federer is still one of the best movers on the court. He may not be as fast as Nadal, Djokovic or Murray but the way he moves puts everyone to shame.

  • K L posted 1204 days ago

    K L

    Interesting read. Not sure I agree on some of them but still interesting.