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  • Corey McDevitt posted 7 hours ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Yeah, and i think Wall being snubbed again will add fuel to his fire with him wanting to be a recognized elite PG.

    I'd be so happy if we fired Grunfield, despite the offseason success, he needs to go, he's been lucky with how Wall and Beal have turned out, but other than that theres not much he's done (all other decisions have been obvious ones, even the Wall and Beal selections)..

    I don't know enough about the draft yet, i've been a bit useless this year, because i've been focused a lot on the NFL offseason, and i don't watch NCAA so i don't get to see much of the players outside the top 8.. But i know about Portis, because i would like to see him in Dallas if not WAS, Kaminsky would be nice to drop, and Jerian Grant looks like he could be a lottery pick potentially?

    I'll check Lyles out though, i'm intrigued.. Looney does look like a real bust candidate! I'm all for signing a combo guard or a stretch 4 (stretch 4's are pretty much becoming vital in todays NBA), so yeah Jerian Grant would be my favorite choice now, but from what i have been seeing he's out of reach i think..

    I have a feeling Pierce is going to go to the Clippers now after all the speculation, best case scenario would be for Jordan to go to DAL which would make LAC look less desirable meaning Pierce stays one more year. My top FA i want is Gerald Green also. I'm interested in whether WAS will resign Seraphin too?

  • Corey McDevitt posted 3 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Yeah it's straight bullsh** bro, after the success of the post season especially! Oh well i guess it's just more fuel to add to his fire in terms of trying to put the league on notice. He will be a top 3 PG next season with Russ and Curry.

    What's your thoughts for the offseason?

  • Corey McDevitt posted 15 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Damn sucks we lost today, and can't believe Pierce missed the easiest three he had all night to tie the game. Uh well, i guess we can't get to depressed about the loss seeing as Wall was still out! Really disappointed in Gortat though, with Beal and Pierce having such monster games, if Gortat had of contributed we could easily be up 3-1..

    I had a prediction that who ever won this game would go on to win the series, that's if Wall remained out. But he was listed as 'questionable' today, i was shocked to see that! Maybe they are going to push his recovery and play him in this series? Maybe game 5 we'll see a return? I hope so! If we don't have Wall back i don't expect us to advance sadly.

  • Corey McDevitt posted 16 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Good point about the time line of Kawhi's hand recovery, i never thought about how long his recovery took. Uhh 3-4 weeks is a long time though, especially when you think it's only been a week now since it happened.. He still hasn't dribbled or anything on it so it doesn't look like he's pushing for a quick recovery, and i seen the reports that they don't want to push him for future references..

    Oh man, that 4th qaurter, how about Schroeder torching us for 15 points in the quarter alone! And yeah that Muscala 3, i couldn't believe that, and Mike Scott coming on and hitting 3's as if they were simple lay ups! Bud kept rotating until he finally found guys that would work, and we are damn lucky he didn't find the right group of guys a minute earlier, i think if that game went into O.T we wouldn't have won..

    Honestly i think who ever wins game 4 will win the series, may seem a bit bold especially if ATL win and only draw the series but i really do think this game will draw the momentum for the winner. If Washington win game 4 i see it only being a 5 game series, while if ATL win they'll end up taken it away.. The good thing about game 4 was that nor Sessions or Bynum had big games, so hopefully Nene keeps playing aggresive and Sessions comes out and plays better and then i'll like our chances!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 17 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Yep Wall's injury sucks so much, and i honestly think he is done for the season, because like you said it's not worth playing him when we are literally not going to win a championship and have him stuffed long term too.

    Wow, what a game! How about being up 18 in the 4th, then Schroeder, Mack and Bazemore torching us to then rely on a buzzer from Pierce! I think i aged about 10 years from stress in that game! Up 2-1, going to be tough still to advance without Wall, but after going up 21, theres no reason why we can't beat these guys, we just can't fall asleep and lose composure like we did in the 4th again! And then i thought we lost Pierce when he went down early in the 1st with his shoulder! So stressful, such a crazy game!

    Otto man, i can't stop raving about him! And Beal, having 5 assists in the first quarter, great way to fill Wall's void!

    Nene, finally! That's all i can say!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 20 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Damn, so we lost game 2, but hey, we've already taken home court from the Hawks (despite the Wizards being a good road playoff team and ATL having an average home court presence) but yeah, we could afford to sit Wall yesterday, and now he has 3 days off to recover! Sessions did a great job stepping up and taking the scoring slack, he was definitely not the facilitator Wall is but yeah solid job. Without Wall on the court we get dominated in the assists ratio, Beal does a solid job at racking up assists but besides him their aren't too many facilitators unfortunately.

    I'm not sold on ATL, we were right their with them up until the last 2/3rds or so of the 4th, i know we have what it takes to advance i just hope we maintain the intensity! Carroll needs to be stopped, he's such a good blue collar player, but i guess we want him to shoot the ball rather than any other starter in that lineup.

    Otto had another solid game, i love how the league now know he's a asset to this Washington squad. The small ball that Wittman is enforcing has worked a treat, Pierce playing the 4 seems to be working with Otto on Korver.

    Usually our offense collapses when Wall is absent, it didn't yesterday, i'm happy with what Washington achieved despite the loss, if we can maintain that game play while inserting the Wall that was playing prior to the injury then theres no reason why we cant capitalize on game 3 and 4. Hey Nene needs to pull his head in, yes we are playing small ball alot, but still, we play Nene a bit at C when we are playing small ball and he's still not bringing much to the table, he needs to step up!

    Bring on Game 3!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 22 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    OMG, now we are just getting roasted by the ATL fanbase, prior to the 2nd round everyone was saying "oh Washington beat a crap TOR team" "theres noway they can stick with ATL" etc etc, and now that we have taken game 1, we aren't aloud to talk about it? Haha man, these playoffs really make you grow a hate for opposing fan bases. I didn't mind TOR, but i now hate ATL and HOU fans haha.

    Yes, Otto has played out of his skin! I'm so proud of what he has been able to do in the playoffs, his pesky defense has been phenomenal, his hustle on the boards, the ability to knock down the open 3, uhh he's just doing everything right, and now he's getting recognized for it, which is cool to see! Gortat is playing great, Gooden off the bench has brought his momentum into the second round, Pierce is good, Beal has stepped up huge (holy s*** i was scared when i seen him leave crying!) and Wall is now a bonified top 4 PG and 2nd best player in the East. Only disappointment, Nene, he's been a shell of his former self. I know if we advance he'll be good against CHI due to his personal hate, but if we don't advance i will be severely disappointed in him! He needs to bring more to the table, however at the same time i'm really liking the match up of Pierce at the 4 and Otto at the 3.

    Hey, we're up game 1, suddenly theres a whole lot of new Wizards fans! I don't expect game 2 to be a win though, it's going to be tough, if we do want to win though we have to keep the composure and be ready for a dog fight. On that note, the thing that impressed me most about game 1 was the way Washington didn't lose focus when they were blown out the arena in the first quarter, we stuck to Washington basketball, let the defense turn the tide and chipped away at ATL till the score turned in our favor, really good to see considering how young our top guys are!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 29 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Nice, that sweep felt so good! Being the underdogs going into the series with everyone saying how we are a first round knock out was good to prove wrong! The guys that are getting playing time are all stepping up, Otto's defense has been stellar, Sessions backing up Wall has been really good and Gooden is a playoff bench beast! I really like how we are looking, people think TOR's offense just choked but fail to realize that we actually are kind of the Grizzlies of the East, we have the best ranked defense in the East (3rd overall) and we slow the game down, except Wall's fast breaks! SO yeah, our defense is not being credited!

    I'm starting to feel semi confident about a potential ECF appearance, but i know ATL or BK will still be a tough match up and we still have to keep consistent to get through! I'm rooting for BK so we get that home court!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 38 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Sorry man been hella busy! We up 1-0! I mean, yeah for sure we got a good match up against TOR and they have been sliding, but they did sweep us this season and i was nervous having to play them first round. However, despite today being a rough game, Wall and Beal shooting so poorly, we still pulled off the win thanks to Pierce. Gortat and Nene weren't huge, i liked what Seraphin, Sessions, Gooden and Porter gave us off the bench. All in all our FG% gotta pick up, we can certainly win this series and now we have home court! 4-2 to us is my prediction, yours?

  • Corey McDevitt posted 60 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Damn we got those teams to play still, i did not realise that. Yeah i think top 4 is still realistic if the Bulls drop, but really who do we want to play in the first round? Bulls who we have split the series with or the Raptors who we have gone 0-3 against, maybe 0-4 i can't remember? Surprisingly i'm going with the Raptors due to their downfall, but then again we match up well with the Bulls, so i think we are in an alright situation, not too tough, both realistically winnable matchups..

    Yes, Will Bynum is here, nice, i've wanted him in Washington for so long now, was so underrated in Detroit. I really hope he can offer us a good spark off the bench!