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  • DONNA FOSTER posted 2883 days ago


    There's a reason this guy hasn't filled out his bio...

  • Jonathan Maurer posted 2890 days ago

    Jonathan Maurer

  • Max Kienzler posted 2896 days ago

    Max Kienzler

    Kudos Steve, just saw SportsNation, and despite the fact they said your article was false, I gotta give you credit for kicking off your bleacherreport writing with a bang. Congrats

  • spencer cedor posted 2897 days ago

    spencer cedor

    You are a complete ass faced clown. That was by far the worst article I have ever come across. Reading your incompetent dribble makes me want to read Southern Living

  • EdwARD COLEE posted 2897 days ago


    You are a straight up IDIOT

  • walt easterling posted 2897 days ago

    walt easterling


  • Matt Jurkoic posted 2897 days ago

    Matt Jurkoic

    Are you out of your freaking mind? That was not a cheap trick that was coaching brilliance.

  • gabe daigle posted 2897 days ago

    gabe daigle

    Steve Your clueless.

  • timothy Harris posted 2897 days ago

    timothy Harris

    Please don't procreate and infect the human gene pool with your particular form of RETARD!!!!!

  • matt O posted 2897 days ago

    matt O

    Congratulations, you got lots and lots of views. So what if every view expressed the opinion that you are a moron.
    You now win 1st place at the special olympics. Here is your trophy. You and Boise State, except at least Boise State plays a game once or twice a year