Hi, my name is Tom and I graduated from Oswego State University with a Bachelor's Degree in journalism in May of 2011.

Tennis is my sport of choice, but I'm a huge NFL and NBA fan too. Yes...the most recent victims of lockout issues. You'll rarely catch me watching a MLB game, but I'm not opposed to tuning in whenever the NHL is televised.

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  • Johnny Marker posted 2296 days ago

    Johnny Marker

    Tiger deserves the criticism and lost endorsements. When you are paid for your reputation and performance as an athlete guess what, tarnish that and no one cares. His crash is epic and has been a ton of fun to watch. The best in the world flames out and can't perform when his personal life collapses. If he gets better great, if not he was an amazing guy to watch. Tiger deserves a bid of confidence??? Really? You put your ad dollars up and see if it pays you back. Newsflash companies give big endorsement deals because fans want to be like the players. I guess no one really wants to live like Tiger right now. Think about it for a second before you call for the masses to care about his feelings or for that matter have any empathy for him at all. No I am not famous and haven't "experienced" his life, only he has. There are plenty of guys out there that haven't cheated on their wives that are famous, there are plenty of guys that have. Sounds to me like the average man on the street. That said, he has no one to blame but himself. Why credit him for not getting angry at the media for what they say about him? He deserves sympathy from the media? Come on man!

  • Jill wells posted 2298 days ago

    Jill wells

    Tom thanks for writing a great article on my son Doug Wells!

  • space posted 2513 days ago


    im looking for my bitch teddy, have you seen the little prick?

  • Will Leivenberg posted 2527 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    really enjoyed your articles on Kobe Bryant in the Movies! Keep up the good work, look forward to reading

  • Marianne Bevis posted 2540 days ago

    Marianne Bevis

    Hi Tom, many thanks for becoming a fan, and welcome to B/R!

  • Ash Marshall posted 2631 days ago

    Ash Marshall

    Hi Tom, hopefully you'll find time to check out this piece on Martina Navratilova's upcoming trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for the fantastic Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. It's a great organization and a very worthwhile cause.

    Feel free to pass this on to anybody who you think would be interested.