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  • Matt Bahr5 posted 977 days ago

    Matt  Bahr5


  • Mighty Birds Of Prey is Back posted 1534 days ago

    Mighty Birds Of Prey is Back

    How about those 2 games today?

    The 49rs definitely stepped up today. Not going to lie, I was hoping they would falter to the Pack. It would have been nice if they came to the CLink as an 0-1 team.

    The Hawks looked like shit. They keep shooting themselves in the foot with damned penalties. And it was obvious that they need their top pass rushers back on the field. Newton had a millennium to find a receiver. Fortunately for us measly Hawks fans, they pulled it out when it mattered.

    Next weekend should be a blast and a damned good game! Definitely already set up on the DVR.

    Semper Fi! Go Hawks!

  • Mighty Birds Of Prey is Back posted 1553 days ago

    Mighty Birds Of Prey is Back

    Meant the Skins, and nope, I've been around. How about yourself? You having a good preseason?

    I can tell you I'm stoked to see the season kick off already.

  • Will Hardesty posted 1566 days ago

    Will Hardesty

    Remind me again how many of those "attack heli's launching rockets from all over the field" have won a SuperBowl. Seems to me it's always those darned howitzers. Crazy, I know.

  • Will Hardesty posted 1571 days ago

    Will Hardesty

    Keep tellin yourself that. Easy to talk a big game when everything you said you don't need, you're getting anyway. Let's see what happens when the "talking heads" are downing you this year After everyone finally figures out how to stop the read-option, and they will.

  • Matt Bahr5 posted 1572 days ago

    Matt  Bahr5

    2011 SB champion vs 2012 NFC Champion.

    Two SBs in six years vs two playoff appearances

    Have beaten the 49ers five out of six times, including two consecutive in candlestick. (Including smoking the 49ers on their home field last season)

    Yeah, 49ers really hold an edge over the Giants.

  • Will Hardesty posted 1573 days ago

    Will Hardesty

    Trash? They made it to the NFCCG, as you've continually pointed out. Want to know how many teams didn't make it that far? Also, it turned out pretty well until our defense collapsed for the second straight week. You can talk as big as you want now that the game has already been played, but you were ready to cry yourself to sleep when the score was 17-0, and we both know you were.

  • Will Hardesty posted 1581 days ago

    Will Hardesty

    sorry didnt have the schedule memorized. Itll be all right though. same result either way

  • Will Hardesty posted 1583 days ago

    Will Hardesty

    Not much. The 49er fans must have stocked up last year before they left for the inevitable butt reaming they knew theyd take at the hands of the Ravens two weeks after. Maybe we will have some more for you when you come to town in December eh?

  • Mighty Birds Of Prey posted 1607 days ago

    Mighty Birds Of Prey

    Seams to me you're the tool.

    As you're the only one who has ever posted anything negative towards me. But your multiple profiles are filled with people degrading you.

    There is a common denominator in all these negative relationships. And that is you my friend.

    So you can go ahead and "slap all my tired shit out of the park" as none of it is irrelevant to your lack of etiquette.

    It takes a lot of intelligence to use foul language to degrade someone. You must have an IQ level that would make Einstein look like a bafoon.

    Enjoy being so close, but losing both times..... Last season was the last time the 49ers will be that close for quite a few years.

    Semper Fi! Go Hawks!