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... I tell y'all the following because I know how some people like to stereotype us folks from Alabama (seen a lot of it on the BR) . So before you start with your childish and asinine attempts at insulting me or calling me names, maybe you should read my bio. I choose to live where I do because it is a great place and full of people who think and believe just like I do.

I have been an Alabama Crimson Tide football fan my entire life ... or as long as I can remember! Although, I graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) with a BSEE.

Born in Alabama. Lived in Texas, California, Georgia, Colorado, and Alabama (for the last 36 years in Huntsville) and in several different countries (Turkey, Germany). I traveled extensively (over thirty states and 12 countries).

I am the oldest son of a retired US Army Warrant Officer (the greatest man I have ever known and unfortunately deceased), a former Marine, an Electronics Engineer specializing in threat Air Defense radar signal analysis and Electronic Warfare. I have served two tours in combat zones (Iraq 2007 and Afghanistan 2010) supporting counter insurgency operations. In total I have over 34 years of service in the defense of this great country.

... and no I don't live in a trailer.

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