Kelly Bundle

Kelly Bundle


I am a 31 year old male from Regina, Saskatchewan. I plan to write some intriguing and at times controversial articles here. Enjoy! I can be reached by email at

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  • Matt Eichel posted 3257 days ago

    Matt Eichel

    Kelly, where you been? Missed your stuff in the CFL community.

    We're looking to expand the CFL community for the upcoming 2009 season, let me know if you're on board.

  • Dave Morrison posted 3296 days ago

    Dave Morrison

    Hey Kelly—Dave Mo here, a Bleacher Report Community Coordinator.

    I've been spending time on our CFL page and read a couple of your old articles. Really on-point do good work.

    Given that you haven't written in a while, I thought I'd check in and see if you're interested in picking up your coverage again. What do you say?

    If not, it would be great if you could give me some feedback on why you decided to stop writing and what we could have done to better serve you. If you wouldn't mind, please shoot me a line at with any thoughts.

    Thanks so much,

    Dave Mo

  • Brad James posted 3299 days ago

    Brad James


    Please read my article on the NFL in Canada if you have time. Thanks.

  • Adam Greuel posted 3387 days ago

    Adam Greuel

    Thanks for the edit, can't believe I mixed up the name!

  • Scott Fitzsimmons posted 3418 days ago

    Scott Fitzsimmons

    Hey there sir! I was just bugging about the tickets. I couldn't take them from you, or could I expect you to sell them.

    After the game when I look at the whole picture from a Rider fans perspective with my wife and friends, I am happy they made a comeback, because if Bowman hadn't made that catch, and the kick hadn't been blocked, the Riders confidence would have been low going into their next game. Those 2 plays gave them the confidence to move the ball well, and hold Calgary close in the end. That will go a long way for the team, but also for the fans.

    I look forward to discussing football in general for a while now. At least until October 3rd that is.


  • Scott Fitzsimmons posted 3424 days ago

    Scott Fitzsimmons

    Good game. The Riders deserved it. The defense played very well.

    I'm going to be gone for the week, so if I don't reply to anything, it's not personal.

    Have a great week, and I'll talk to you after the 10th...

  • Scott Fitzsimmons posted 3425 days ago

    Scott Fitzsimmons

    You heard my show? You figured out which station I work for? Cool!

    It will be a really good game because there is motivation on both sides. I've been trying to forget about it until tomorrow because too much thinking about it makes the time go so much slower. But come tomorrow, it's on!