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  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 1304 days ago


    @DaMarcus Hannon DaMarcus you should first re-analyze your comments. Generalizing black people, is something you should re-consider in your statements. What black people are you referring to the ones in your local area? You don't talk to a mass group of black people about this in person so your comments are off when you say "black people." How about the black people you interact with would be more appropriate. In addition, are you going to attack other people of other cultures that are rejoicing in the punishment of Sterling? You act as if, white, hispanics, Asians etc. aren't rejoicing in his demise, because he offended everyone who is a fan of the nba. If your going to use scripture to make a point, then do so with an open mind. Were you this vocal when Obama was elected and some whites made comments about him in racial tones calling him curious George? Bottom line is there are racist people in every culture, so if your going to generalize black people towards whites, then look at the mentality of people and just state that you are unhappy with people that have a racist mentality instead of black people hatred towards whites. Whites have people that hate blacks too (Sterling prime example.) Lastly, would you tell someone who faced discrimination on another level than you have ever observed to not be pleased with this decision? I know a man that is 92 and he is not rejoicing, but more so glad to see how there was a stance against Sterling. He grew up in a time where this was the norm on a daily basis so try and think outside the box when you label "black people" as being happy someone is facing punsihment for thier consequences. Some people are just happy a punishment was given, and you associate that with the people that are hurling racist remarks about STerling. If you have never said anything close to racist towards another culture even in joking and you are without sin, then i'll listen to you. Since you or I aren't without sin and have said things that if we were recorded we could get put on blast also it's just best to pray for those who judge others as a whole and not just specifically call out "black people."

  • Randolph Randy posted 1304 days ago

    Randolph Randy

    I am a Christian. I see that there are many who support your views on Blacks, they have that right. I'm curious if you consider yourself a spokesperson for all Christians or the other Black people that have no problem with someone who discriminates. And I'm guessing you have no hate against discrimination against someone's religion, national origin, sex, or disability. Or is it just about Black people?

  • Dan Riaz posted 1629 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Welcome to B/R!