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The same Wade who wears #3 for the Heat? The same wade who flops to get calls and complains like a spoiled kid when he doesnt get it? Same Wade who cheated on his celebrity fiance and got another woman pregnant when they were "taking a break". Same wade who plays dirty and throws flying elbows to opponents but doesnt get disciplined for it?

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  • Slightly Biased Hawks Fan posted 13 hours ago

    Slightly Biased Hawks Fan

    Yeah it's wide open. The Magic are the only team that are likely not.

  • Corey McDevitt posted 1 day ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Lin is actually a solid addition. Many people see him as being rubbish, but the truth is that he is overpaid, but he's a good player and he brings so much hype to a franchise that will allow LAL to be in the spotlight again.

    Emeka would be a great piece. I was thinking that the other day, he brings rim protection, he can average nearly a double double, he's a defensive anchor, and he's not someone who demands a lot of ball, so it comes in perfect when you have guys like Kobe, Young, Boozer, Lin who all demand a lot of ball. Emeka would be very cheap too. But ultimately, given his time of his career, i see him going to a contender, or going to MIA or CHA.

    Yeah i hate the Wizards jerseys, especially that new blue one?! That one is horrific! I don't see those jerseys being around in 3-5 years time.

    Dallas has had such a good offseason. Parson's signing was so good. He may be a bit overpaid, but he has immense potential, he's a huge upgrade over Marion, and he can be a leader to this team. I love it. Also, not to mention our other small but solid signings of; Aminu, Jameer, Jefferson, Felton, Chandler. This team can finish 5th in the West, maybe even gain home court.

    Yeah MIA recovered well after loosing LeBron, but noway finishing above CHI. I see MIA and DET battling in out for 8th seed.

  • Slightly Biased Hawks Fan posted 2 days ago

    Slightly Biased Hawks Fan


  • Corey McDevitt posted 3 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Yeah the Boozer signing is weird, LAL has a whole bunch of PF's that are a bit too undersized to play the C. I seen an ESPN predicted LAL line up consisting of;
    PG. Nash
    SG. Kobe
    SF. Young
    PF. Boozer
    C. Hill
    Thats a real offensive minded squad, not too much defense really. I would switch a couple of names around i think, i would play Lin over Nash, in fact i would talk Nash into a buy out and focus on Lin and Clarkson. Nash really annoys me, he's so overpaid and he's just being selfish in that organization! Lets be real here, LAL aren't making the playoffs next season, why not develop young guys?!

    Next i would play Randle over Boozer, Randle may not be ready but he's worth it. Boozer could play more of a 6th man role.


    May be a bit undersized, but given the roster, thats going to have to be the case, atleast you're developing the future better with this line up.

    yeah Glen Rice was a beast! And Otto. I think Otto will get the 6th man nod while Webster is out for the beginning of next season, so that will be awesome. I hope Glen Rice gets solid minutes behind Beal. Sam Cassell has done wonders with our young guys. Suddenly we have Wall, Beal, Rice and Porter who are all products of Cassell! Nice huh

  • Slightly Biased Hawks Fan posted 3 days ago

    Slightly Biased Hawks Fan

    Isaiah Thomas is smaller than Bledsoe, and I think Thomas is the Mini Me version of Bledsoe. The Mavs, idk....

    The Pelicans I think will miss the playoffs.

  • Slightly Biased Hawks Fan posted 3 days ago

    Slightly Biased Hawks Fan

    The Suns have essentially have the same rosterm who's grown now. They added Isaiah Thomas and Anthony Tolliver, which are both good pickups. I'd be surprised if they miss the playoffs. The Mavs have not improved much this off-season. Be surprised of the Mavs make the playoffs.

  • Slightly Biased Hawks Fan posted 4 days ago

    Slightly Biased Hawks Fan

    My EAST standings are:
    1. Bulls
    2. Cavaliers
    3. Pacers
    4. Raptors
    5. Wizards
    6. Hornets
    7. Hawks
    8. Heat/Nets

    My WEST standings are:
    1. Spurs
    2. Thunder
    3. Clippers
    4. Rockets
    5. Suns
    6. Warriors
    7. Blazers
    8. Mavs/Grizzlies/Kings

  • Wat favorite?

  • Slightly Biased Hawks Fan posted 8 days ago

    Slightly Biased Hawks Fan


  • Corey McDevitt posted 8 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Yeah, i think the CHA OKC trade would be ideal for OKC, they get another scorer who s more reliable than their other SG's and they get another big man who has potential. Plus CHA would benefit having a big man whos physical and who can set good screens for Kemba, we need someone like him behind Big Al. It's funny though, i hate Perkins, but i would like to see him in CHA!

    Seraphin is a steal waiting to happen man, he's got a nice offensive game, he can nail good mid ranges and he has a very nice hook shot, if WAS had the cap i would love to resign him.

    Ed Davis was a steal! If i had of know he would only go for 2m then i would have been preaching for my teams to get him, even if our PF was already full!

    Boozer? You happy about that? He's cheap, but you guys now have so many PF's! Boozer, Randle, Davis, Kelly, Hill. I would have rather seen LAL stick with Randle and forget about Boozer.