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Hi, I'm Stephanie

From what I know I'm a full-blooded NZ Chinese.
That means all my ancestors were full-blooded chinese
and everyone born after the great-grandparents and grandparents, who migrated to New Zealand,
were/are born in NZ :)

I love:
- Super 14 rugby AKA super rugby, BLUES FOR 2009!!!
- Cricket: support the Black Caps and Auckland Aces. AA will take out the State Shield in 2009!
- Rugby League: Only supports Warriors, even on the bad days cuz ya gotta have faith ;)
- Netball: support Silver Ferns (90's teams were the best), Waikato/BOP Magic.
NB: Auckland Diamonds and Northern Mystics have always been hopeless.

Day dreams about:
- Being super-smart
- Having a degree/qualification for having wonderful EQ (EIQ for the technical people out there).
- What it would like to have all the opportunities that guys have available to them.
Seriously, because sexism is still rampant in most aspects of society, including sports! It's shocking isn't it?
It's reflected in statistics from who does what in jobs/careers, earnings, parenting, in stuff about professionals and semi-professionals in sport and etc.
- Women being at the top food chain, so to speak. Who knows? The Amazons may still be around, possibly in the hidden places in the jungle .

I'm more of a commentor than a writer.
I have been described as a competent analyst when I know what to analyse.
The bulk of I know in the world of sports come from my Dad. Thanks Dad!!!! xox

If I write anything it will probably echo my Dad's views. xD

PMS has been known to be ugly, mean and sarcastic.

It's still a 'man's' world out here. I have the XX chromosomes and this means I am female and therefore the correct grammar for females should be applied to whatever I do and etc.

This "Play-by-play" proves my point - "S Fong selected From Slaps In India To Ryder's Wrists: The 5 Worst Cricketing Decisions of 07/08 as his pick of the day".

"his" should be replaced by 'her'!!!!!!

It's automatically assumed that every user/member of this site will be a person that has the XY chromosomes.

It's blatant sexism!!!!

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  • Christopher Steinbach posted 3393 days ago

    Christopher Steinbach

    We have the Black Caps, Silver Ferns, All Blacks, Tall Blacks, Black Sticks, All Whites, Black Socks, Black Ferns.........just to name a few.

    Wow I didn't know there were so many New Zealand teams!!
    What about the White Sticks, the Black Cocks, The White Blacks, The Small Blacks, the Side Backs,
    the White Socks, and the Big Bollocks.. aren't they also New Zealand teams?

  • Jon Naylor posted 3447 days ago

    Jon Naylor

    Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for the comments and pick - and I can see why you're upset at being a 'him'!

    Hope to see you continue contributing to the site nonetheless.

    If you'd like to be a part of an article I'm creating at the moment, you could email a 50-100 word answer to the question:
    If you could have any player from another country in your international team, who would it be and why?

    I'm trying to get as many different nationalities as possible and a kiwi perspective would be really useful.

    Thanks a lot,