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  • Patrick Runge posted 1638 days ago

    Patrick Runge

    Chris, thanks for being a fan! I thought your idea about the Ohio State article was interesting, to be sure. I will admit that I don't agree with the premise. Yes, having Ohio State do well will bring some secondary attention to the B1G. But if tOSU dominates the league, then I'm not sure the conference is in any better shape. In some ways, it might be worse for the conference, as tOSU's dominance might just go to reinforce how the rest of the conference (in perception, if not in reality) is not ready for prime time.

    I understand your concern about getting attention. But the only way to get started is, well, to get started. Take a look at B/R's writer academies and new writer recruitment policies. An article with a solid premise like yours might be the gateway (if it is something you are interested in pursuing) to start writing on a regular basis.

    For years, I was writing about Nebraska football on a blog that exactly no one read, simply because I enjoyed it and because it made me watch the game in a more professional, disciplined, and observant manner. I still do, even with the privilege of having the B/R platform. Writing is a good in and of itself. I think your idea has great merit, and I for one would really like to see what you do with it.

    Thanks again, hope you keep reading. And I hope I get to read your stuff soon!