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DScot lives in Birmingham, AL with his wife , his newborn son, and his dog. Due to these responsibilities, and a lifelong battle with the disease called laziness, he writes articles for this sight infrequently. He enjoys all things sports, writing, video games, and complaining about the current state of the music and motion picture industries. He also enjoys accumulating generally useless pop culture knowledge in order to annoy his friends.

DScot is a huge Alabama Crimson Tide sports fan. He also pulls for the Cubs. In the NFL, he pulls for the 49'ers (kinda) and his fantasy team, The Knights Who Say Ni! (mostly). In the NBA, he pretty much pulls for whoever the Lakers are playing.

He also maintains a blog on blogspot, and is anxiously awaiting his first comment as proof that somebody has actually seen the thing. He is thrilled to have stumbled across this website, and hopes to contribute something worth the time to read it every now and again.

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  • Brooks Webb posted 2037 days ago

    Brooks Webb

    Gene Chizik and Week One:


    Thanks for the read!


  • 12 posted 2346 days ago


    Thought you might like this:


  • Lisa Horne posted 2468 days ago

    Lisa Horne

    Thanks for the pick of the day! And congrats on your newest Tide fan still in vitro...it's getting close. I admire your timing...due date right before football season starts. Impressive.

  • Shaun Ahmad posted 2469 days ago

    Shaun Ahmad

    Thanks for the comment.. I agree, there are a lot of factors involved. Some people just hate because they want to hate. its part of their personality.

  • Justin Hokanson posted 2483 days ago

    Justin Hokanson

    Alabama fan and a Cubs fan? Killing me. I'm an Auburn fan and a Cards fan myself. At least you like the Niners.

    Congrats on the upcoming baby, that's great.