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  • NotoriousJBP posted 593 days ago


    so if you love the gators then you must love Aaron Hernandez

  • Mista Amazing posted 769 days ago

    Mista Amazing

  • Knicks Fan posted 773 days ago

    Knicks  Fan

    hey, one of your fav athletes is dwyane wade? maybe you should spell his name right

  • Joshua Thomas posted 774 days ago

    Joshua Thomas

    For years, Lebron James was an enigma; a basketball titan whose failures, losses and poor judgment defined a career otherwise highlighted by individual milestones, accomplishments, multi-million dollar endorsements and championships. We've seen the image over and over again. His huge shoulders slumped under the bright lights of the podium; incessantly answering the same questions over an over again, "It's my fault." "I should have done better." "My teammates did their job.". James was a picture of humility gone sour by endless scrutiny by the fans, the press and his peers on his inability to win the big games for refusing the ball during clutch time. Not even when he won his championship versus OKC last year did the voices stop. By contrast, Jordan and Kobe had no remorse, no regrets. No conscience for their losses. But then again, assassins are cold-blooded and Lebron for all his talents, his God-given gifts, this freak-of-nature will never be a killer. He has played the game the only way he knows how; as a team. The same way Magic and Larry did in the 80's. But they were cold-blooded assassins too, much like Michael and Kobe. Throughout the scrutiny and drama that surrounded Lebron's basketball career, he never quite understood that to be Great, you must accept Responsibility. It's not enough to say, but you must act it. Fans will forgive you if you miss the final shot, but for Godsakes man, you have to take it! And Lebron FINALLY learned this lesson in Game 6. Time and time again, like a machine on auto; step back, set, shoot. The headband that came off seemed to unbound Lebron and we knew right there, in that moment, the Lebron we loathed, chastised, scrutinized, brutalized despite all the accolades, the championships, the individual titles no longer existed. We knew that we would see this special incarnation in Game 7. Time and time again...step back, set, shoot. Swish. During the most crucial moments in the face of Tim Duncan, ironically the man who bestowed the NBA to Lebron as a Cavalier. No hesitation. No problem. Over and over again he baptized Duncan, Leonard, Green and everyone with shots from everywhere on the floor. And despite the lackluster performance of a teammate, Lebron never quit on Chris Bosh still electing to pass to his struggling 'big" at crunch time. In the end with a performance that silenced the voices forever, the title and the long-sought after affirmation was his. And in his interview, the frustration boiled over, "I don't have words." And he will never have need for them ever again. He will never be a killer. He will never be an assassin. And he will continue to play the game the way he knows how to: as a team, and with a greater sense of responsibility.

  • Anonymous Person posted 774 days ago

    Anonymous Person

    btw, i just think certain games are rigged to garner more ratings for networks. For example, game 6 of the nba finals may have been fixed to garner more ratings from game 7. ABC has been getting low ratings because some of the previous games were not as close

  • Anonymous Person posted 774 days ago

    Anonymous Person

    No im not "high" for thinking the nba is rigged. Once you look at the evidence, it seems to me the nba is rigged. Check out this site:

  • IT'S YO BOI TINKY WINKY posted 776 days ago


    God damn what a game.

  • Suraj Thomas posted 784 days ago

    Suraj Thomas

    Yeah originally but I've been out of the India for many many years now.

  • Mista Amazing posted 785 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    We'll win!!!!

  • Mista Amazing posted 786 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    Go Dawgs!!!!