Dylan Derryberry

Dylan Derryberry


Dylan Derryberry. Not the most famous of names, I know, but hopefully that will be changing. I am an aspiring journalist with a desire to make you laugh, cry, steam and vent, perhaps all at once. Life has been a whirlwind of action these past few weeks, a lot of it involving the Microsoft Office Winter Games Blogging Competition. I am one of two winners in the competition and will be headed to the 2010 WInter Olympic games to blog about my experiences and of course the number of sporting events I will be attending.

I have a pretty active journalism career, albeit a short one. I was heavily involved in my high school's journalism program, reported for the school's news show (MHS1) and was the editor of one of the top three yearbooks in the nation (McKinney High School's The Lion) . I am currently a student at Colorado Mountain College and blog about my collegiate experiences to maintain my journalistic skills.

The very helpful people of Bleacher Report have convinced me (like I really needed a lot of convincing) to join their site and give my insight and opinion on the sporting events I will be attending in Vancouver next month as a featured columnist. Although my winter sports career isn't that long standing, I have played Ice hockey for a little over a decade now (even though I grew up in Texas) and snowboard whenever I can get on the slopes.

So here's to a wild ride and we'll see how things go. Stay tuned for Olympic event updates and for those of you who would like a look into my everyday life, check out my blog at http://cmc-glenwood-dylan.blogspot.com/

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