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  • vasilis maglaveras posted 805 days ago

    vasilis maglaveras

    I win the bet when nadal retires far i have a great chance cause of what u said but u don't know with nadal.
    don't write him off yet.
    now i have the advantage but it's not over yet.

  • Jason Beer posted 810 days ago

    Jason Beer

    i am handing it in Vasilis. You win the bet. I can't support a player who is unable to find solutions like the Rafa of today. What a frigging loser performance. Goat unworthy.

  • vasilis maglaveras posted 825 days ago

    vasilis maglaveras

    jason at least check your facts before u post facts and numbers.
    markos never went to top 5 jason and he hardly went to the top 10 at NO 8 and that was for a little time only.
    markos was just a good player....not a top champion and in the only slam he played really good was that aus slam in 2006.
    pagdatis in your bull weak era never won a big title......did u knew that ?
    he never even won an atp 500 title.
    he only won 4 atp 250 titles so tell me jason.....HOW IS POSSIBLE TO WIN SO FEW MINOR TITLES WHEN U COMPETE IN A WEAK ERA ?
    If u were right then pagdatis should win at least a few masters or atp 500 titles cause of a weak era........HE DID NOT.
    there will come a time jason when u will have no choice but to axcept that u lost our bet and to apologise to the top chsmpions of your weak era when the clay goat fails to win 3 moe slams so to catch fed.


    I hope u be a MAN and do what u promised if u lose the bet as i promise to do if nadal ends with same or more slams than fed.
    so far if nadal continues like that then u have no chance and u know it and next year at R.G nadal will be 30........


  • Jason Beer posted 827 days ago

    Jason Beer

    Poor Weak Era Legend Baghdatis, he was only in his early twenties in the Weak Era and in the top 5. Yet when the strong era broke lose, he was all of a sudden nothing more than a top 30 player. Like so many other Weak Era legends...

  • vasilis maglaveras posted 829 days ago

    vasilis maglaveras

    the weak era legend trollie took a set from your idol......someting is very wrong here jason....maybe your idol wants you to apologise to the great champions fed owned at his prime by losing all the time in the last 12 months ? WHO KNOWS ?
    Thing is as it holds now your bet is in danger if the clay goat continues like that and worst if THE GOAT NO 1 wins wimbledon next month......LOL

  • Jason Beer posted 833 days ago

    Jason Beer

    Nadal will play a Weak Era legend tomorrow!

  • vasilis maglaveras posted 838 days ago

    vasilis maglaveras

    yes it does and by the way u lost too u know and funny thing is.....i felt sorry for the clay goat in a way......nadal is a fighter he will be back.....

  • Jason Beer posted 840 days ago

    Jason Beer

    My condolences Vasilis. Parked at 17 still. But your best shot coming up.

  • J Beer posted 970 days ago

    J Beer

    Check this Vasilis and What the hell is the Weak Era King doing, storming to the net at crucial times?

  • J Beer posted 971 days ago

    J Beer

    See you at Roland Garros Vasilis.....well, I am sure you will show up in case Rafa loses in this Aussie Open. Weak era's over! Bravo Andrea Seppi!