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  • J Beer posted 126 days ago

    J Beer

    Check this Vasilis and What the hell is the Weak Era King doing, storming to the net at crucial times?

  • J Beer posted 126 days ago

    J Beer

    See you at Roland Garros Vasilis.....well, I am sure you will show up in case Rafa loses in this Aussie Open. Weak era's over! Bravo Andrea Seppi!

  • vasilis maglaveras posted 259 days ago

    vasilis maglaveras

    At first he was banned for 12 months i think and then this was redused to 4 months.
    Anywways cilic is back and now he playes like a champion.

  • Rosamond - Ros.M. Dopwell posted 260 days ago

    Rosamond  - Ros.M. Dopwell

    As I NOW have been told Cilic's argument was that the banned substance was in Cough Medication which his MOTHER gave him. Neither Cilic nor his mother were aware of the presence of the substance! The review committee cut his ban short!

  • vasilis maglaveras posted 260 days ago

    vasilis maglaveras

    cilic was banned in last year's us open for 4 months for doping.
    that's all i know about this matter.

  • Rosamond - Ros.M. Dopwell posted 262 days ago

    Rosamond  - Ros.M. Dopwell

    AS I understand it Cilic ("went missing" - MIA ... AWOL) due to being banned, subsequent to failing a drug test, which showed positive for a banned substance. THAT - sort of soured me toward him - somewhat. Also Richard Gasquet was also banned AND *Others.

  • vasilis maglaveras posted 263 days ago

    vasilis maglaveras

    Oh dear don't worry. My posts had the same problem but now they are fixed.
    It appears yopur posts had a glitz or something.
    Anyways....the problem with grigor is that for some reason he is not believing in himself.
    He has all the tools and he is stilll young but at the crucial matches he messed up.
    Did u know that he had a fight or something with maria ?
    I heard they may even on the brick of breaking up. year he will be 24 and he should prove by now if he is capable of be a member of the next...."big 3-4" or not in tennis world.
    Look cilic. who would have though he could play like this.
    Suddenly cilic played with confidense and did his greatest game in his life.
    Grigor 's best victory so far in 2014 was at wimbledon when he defeated murray at quarters and we are talking about a a player who had his worst year at the tour after 2007.
    that's not good for grigor as new top players arrive like kyrgios, thiem and kokkinakis and he already faces strong challenges from top players U.25 like nishi and raonic.
    his defeat to a former top 10 player monfis was a step back.
    For grigor to move ahead he must win those kind of matches.

    As for federer he really played well against cilic.
    at set 1 he had 75% serve in and made fewer U.E than cilic who had only 50% serve in and YET fed lost 6-3 cause cilic did in the whole match an unbelievable game in his serve and in fed's serve.
    that was not to be expected.
    pitty cause fed had a real chance to win NO 18 but he faced a player who at that game was unstoppable.
    Only if fed was 10 years younger he could beat cilic 2 days ago.
    that match proved why age plays a great role in the outcome of a game.

    Anyways let's hope in 2015 fed to add to his collection the NO 18.

  • wendy baker posted 267 days ago

    wendy baker

    I did reply to your last post re Dimitrov - but once again my response has disappeared. It may reappear again (I've noticed this does happen) but, who knows with Dimitrov? He made a lot of errors, 1st serve percentage low compared to v high percentage for Monfils who (surprisingly for him, with sole exception of one emotional outburst) was very steady. Or perhaps Dimitrov wanted out so he could comfort the beautiful Maria!

    The Bleacher site is so rubbish.

  • vasilis maglaveras posted 282 days ago

    vasilis maglaveras

    Yes it is my trollie friend and now it's time roger gets rewarded in us open for his hard work and patiense throughout the season.
    Roger wins NO 18 and then i will hear your excuses of how can this be in A STRONG ERA that a 33 years old can win a major setting a 40 years record of winning a major in a most advanced age...................WEAK ERA FOLKS

  • J Beer posted 327 days ago

    J Beer

    Better luck next time Vasilis...impressive comeback by Roger, but alas, it's part of the game that you can't always get what you want...