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  • dora dong posted 248 days ago

    dora dong

    Harden and Howard return to normal today. 打败开拓者 hahahah

  • Calvin Rice posted 250 days ago

    Calvin Rice

    Thanks fellow Rockets fan. Do you think Lin or Bev should start?

  • dora dong posted 250 days ago

    dora dong

    Nowadays I watched a TV program called 'Daddy. where are we going?' which is popular among people of all ages so far. It updates once a week just like the American TV series.
    Five dads and their sons must head to some places every week far away the city, like dessert and small mountain villages without any convenient conditions. Day should take care of their children by themselves including prepare three meals a day and deal with various situations that they never come across before. For five children.they must quit toys snacks and complete missions on their own.
    I was attracted by these adorable children and handsome dads. too. Seriously. It's really a good educational program. Every father express their paternal love in different ways. There are so many "the first time" for both dad and son.the first time to experience hardship. the first time to cook. the first time to handle children and so on

  • dora dong posted 251 days ago

    dora dong

    Great win today and much needed day off.

  • We the Team posted 252 days ago

    We the Team

    Moving to America? Nice. Its not that bad here, well depends on where you live of course. Where are you planning to move to, like what city? Anyways, dont worry about anything like racism or stuff like that. Take care.

  • dora dong posted 252 days ago

    dora dong

    An amazing game in Toyota Center again and the Houston hold The Dallas. Get up early this morning to watch the TV live. the team I like is always bringing me surprise. I hope I could go to the Toyota center someday to watch my Rockets guys. Of course. I must brush up my English before going to American.

    The first back to back game tomorrow. looking forward it.

  • dora dong posted 253 days ago

    dora dong

    A great dinner with my classmates tonight. We have a lot of fun. I'm very appreciate that so many people talk to me and help in my case.
    We all know that our time be together is fleeting. graduate is coming and we hope have a happy ending although it‘s unlikely. what I want to do is enjoy every day with my friends and try something new.

  • We the Team posted 254 days ago

    We the Team

    This is not a diary

  • dora dong posted 255 days ago

    dora dong

    Wednesday Oct.30.2013
    I can't understand that the Jeremy will be the bench player in the Houston's opening game tomorrow. Whatever. I believe he will be the PG we need. support is here forever.

  • dora dong posted 256 days ago

    dora dong

    Tuesday Oct.29.2013
    Feel so good hang out with a few guys who were not acquainted with me before. Actually we should have go out to find somewhere for our class dinner. we're going to graduate next year and we all hope to have some time to communicate and understand more about each other.I Think dinner together could be a good choice.
    After we ordered the restaurant we loitered on the road and talked about our life. the rain splashed in our faces. So cool...I Like that.