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Lady Nascar

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I have been an avid Nascar fan for as long as I can remember. My first race I ever attended was as a child with my father. We watched one of the many races that Richard Petty won. My fathers love and excitement of the sport was contagious! Nascar is and always will be my number one favorite sport.
I went a few years following football and was a fan of the Miami Dolphins back when Dan Marino and Don Shula were the pair to beat. Man I loved watching him pass that ball. Between the two of them retiring and the referee's and rules changing the sport to a sissy's game; I gave it up. The only thing I miss is running the football pool I had for over 10 years.
I have also enjoyed watching hockey. After watching it for a year and learning the rules with the help of Pat LaFontaine of the Buffalo Sabres, I fell in love with the sport. I no longer follow any particular team since I myself have transported from various divisions. I will always have a special link with the Sabres because of Pat L. but I enjoy following several teams as they progress though the seasons.
I have just recently picked up the professional side of baseball. I am still learning the difference between the National and American Leagues; and the difference between their rules and the rules of the farm teams.
Golf is also another sport I am currently learning more about in recent years.
I am currently living in the Atlanta, GA area. Previous to that I lived 18 years in the Hampton Roads area of VA; I have also lived in FL, KS, MO, and IN.

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