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  • AJ Singh posted 24 days ago

    AJ Singh

    Well that was ahem interesting.. Good game see you in 2 weeks

  • we da team posted 39 days ago

    we da team

    wassup we da team iz back. U thought I was gonna miss this? huh? miami wins 31 FSUcks 0. we comin back 4 a dynasty son

  • AJ Singh posted 46 days ago

    AJ Singh

    damn bro so far cardinals are owning us both in the division rn

  • AJ Singh posted 80 days ago

    AJ Singh

    no idea, i realized it after my comments from the old accounts would not even show up. b/r is stupid like that.

  • AJ Singh posted 83 days ago

    AJ Singh

    wassup dude got a new account because the last one got banned.

  • Alter Ego posted 92 days ago

    Alter Ego

    Wow! Noles pull it out. Great ending!

  • Alter Ego posted 93 days ago

    Alter Ego

    I agree - should be fun. I'm on the Noles side also!

  • Alter Ego posted 95 days ago

    Alter Ego

    Look out Fear! It looks like you have been visited by an alien. That guy below is a Michigan fan that posts quite a bit on the Ohio State boards. He does a pretty good job of ripping on Ohio State but he does it in a pretty funny way so a lot of us don’t mind his comments. He typically posts in broken English so I think you’re being set up for a future comment on Jameis Winston because I’ve seen him post Winston comments on other FSU fans boards the same way. He also does it to Michigan State, Penn State, Nebraska, USC and Texas fans. Anyway, I’ll be watching the game this Saturday - should be pretty good.

  • Jurkzeuss Zarknoktu posted 95 days ago

    Jurkzeuss Zarknoktu

    Hey Fear, the FSU Clemson game got a little more interesting now that Winston's out for a half. I still think FSU comes out on top with all of that talent. First half is going to be interesting to watch. Take care Fear

  • Will Baldwin posted 100 days ago

    Will Baldwin

    Yo, Fear. Just saw your message on my board. Haven't spoken with you in a while. But in response on the UGA game... I don't know man... I think that our offense doomed us. We've got brand new faces on the line and fresh faces at the skill positions and that eventually caught up to us. We kept getting 3 and outs inside our own 15 and the defense eventually wore down in the 4th.

    You're right about Watson, the man looks like the real deal. I was at the SC State game last week (yeah, I know, it's SC State) but he just kept making plays in the pocket to extend the play and avoid pressure that blew my mind. And his arm talent is unbelievable... he's already made throws Tajh just simply never could. I think looking back I realize Tajh, while still a very good college QB, benefited from Chad's system more than I wanted to admit at the time. Watson on the other hand looks like a pure QB, who can make all the throws. Against FSU... I think that Cole will get 70% of the snaps and Watson will get 30%. If Watson is really clicking he will probably see a tad more action... I just think that Morris and Dabo are so adamant about sticking to their guns and letting Deshaun develop first that they it will take a major screw up from Stoudt for the depth chart order to flip. And honestly, Stoudt has played solid for his first two college starts, but most of us are so used to Tajh we don't want just a "solid" QB... and seeing Watson's electricity only makes them want that spark on offense more.

    On the FSU game... after UGA, I felt sure we would lose to you guys... but after seeing you struggle two games in a row, and us going into a by week off a very good on-field performance... getting extra time to prepare... I'm starting to have hope for an upset. Am I calling one? Heck no. Would I bet on it? No way... but it is evident that 1) You guys are not the team you were last year... the losses of Pruitt, and key players have shown up across the board and 2) You guys, lacking a deep ground game like UGA has, match up a lot better with our more finesse, pass rushing style defense, than the Dawgs did. So if our offensive line turns in a strong performance I think there is a legitimate chance for the upset... haha at least I hope their is.

    Predictions... man this is tough. Well I'll be a wimp and throw 2 out their. One for each scenario... If we show up with a chip on our shoulder, and everything goes according to plan, I think we can come out with a winning score of 27-24. The more likely scenario, that we have a few mistakes and FSU plays good enough to scrape a win, would probably result in a score of something like 31-21. However, I can make one pretty confident prediction... that it won't be a blow out like last year, and a lot closer than most people think.