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  • We Bleed White posted 1195 days ago

    We Bleed White

    Best of luck for todays game, hope we win it. What do you think of the match against Sevilla?

  • We Bleed White posted 1199 days ago

    We Bleed White

    we did take the revenge though!!! tell me how you feel about our last season.

  • Norman posted 1264 days ago


    You really need to stop being 50/50 about everything fam haha!

    I don't think we need a defender just yet. Pepe has got a couple good seasons left in him,
    Ramos is eternal and Varane is on the path to greatness. Nacho is decent enough to cover the odd game. I'm 50/50 on the midfielder thing. We need some strength in midfield. Khedira is most likely gone this summer, we could use a similarly physically apt player.

    I get that "don't care" feeling too. I trust Perez and Carlo. They know what they're doing. I'm done speculating.

  • Norman posted 1267 days ago


    Actually I agree with you. I think we need an alternative to Benzema. Higuain was a predator, he jumped on everything and was a better finisher. I want a player in the mould of Mandzukic, or maybe him. He'd take off right where Ĺ uker left off. However i'd still much rather Rodrigo. He's very different from Benzema and is a predator in the box. He's the guy you throw on in the 81st minute to get you a goal although Mandzukic fits that mould better I guess.

  • Norman posted 1268 days ago


    Yeah but then again this is Real Madrid man. The biggest club in the world. I'm sure there's quite a few big name strikers who would do nicely as back ups for us. Bench time at Real Madrid is not so bad. Why aren't you sold on Rodrigo?

  • I. Marino posted 1270 days ago

    I. Marino

    If you didn't cry during Ramos's goal

    You are no madridista

  • Jessica W posted 1271 days ago

    Jessica W

    On the short list I left the All-Time Sports Moment blank. I finally answered it and I think you know what moment I put in lol. We ended this season on a high note! Im so excited for next season. I honestly hope Ancelotti stays longer he has done wonders. And I hope we don't sell anyone one. I feel like this squad is perfect. Maybe Morata should go on loan though. He needs the minutes.

  • Norman posted 1272 days ago


    Been rewatching Ramos' header for 2 days now.

    I agree. We should all go easy on the transfer talk right now. Some dude on reddit said it best: ("Who should we sign?" "That Korean international, Fuh-King Noo Waan") hahaha.

    I would love a back up striker. Rodrigo for example. Morata out on loan as well.

  • Muhammad Ahmad posted 1273 days ago

    Muhammad Ahmad

    Congratulations bro. Ramos' header was one of the best moments of my life and I finally recovered my voice. This is the stuff of dreams. I can't believe it. Thank you to each and every one of our players

  • Alex Barker posted 1274 days ago

    Alex Barker

    Yup now it's time to get la undecima, and be the first back to back kings of Europe.