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If you cruise through Bleacher Report " Soccer section" then expect these types of stuff.

1) La Liga vs EPL debates is basically down to which league is more two horsed then the other.

2) Lionel Messi Vs Ronaldo is more controversial then atheists vs believers.

3) Chelsea, Madrid, Manchester City, are the most hated clubs based on comments.

4) Arsenal and Liverpool are the biggest jokes that have ever graced the footballing world according to many.

5) Barcelona has a massive monopoly on Bandwagoners but thanks to Bayern's treble that stock could be under threat.

6) The Bundesliga doesn't get any recognition whatsoever.

7) Dave Kuhn is the most recognized commentator and will talk you to death about Bayern Munich, Hamburger, Bundesliga being superior to anything spanish.

Others can get stuck swimming in this staged BS of current themes but i don't. It's not arrogance but tiredness of seeing the same things pop up.

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  • Henderick Mitchell posted 448 days ago

    Henderick Mitchell


  • Henderick Mitchell posted 455 days ago

    Henderick Mitchell

    Ummmm ok? I will stay away from glue. I have a radio show in based out of Finland so I will continue to be productive, not have a sad & pathetic life...

    I though you would do better than that Vinny Boy.

  • Henderick Mitchell posted 455 days ago

    Henderick Mitchell


    Once again attacking the use of my LOLs? Another personal attack. OK to make your ego feel better I will say the club "FC Levadia Tallinn" ok? There ya go. Not really a response stick with the facts when debating buddy. Stay on line here...Why are you so angry man... My intent was not to disrespect you club. I apologize if I made that mistake let it go. I never attack another person due to someone saying Barca. So stop finding an excuse to debate that. Deeep breaths please. If you were reading my comments (which you are obviously not) you would know that I did not call you a bandwagonner because that is a term that is overused by people like you. So get that bullshit ideology out of your head. Never said that. OK done on that matter...

    You & I know that the media has different aspect depending on where the publication is based out of. Madrid & its Marca newspaper is very good about do the same things you accuse Barca & thier media of doing. So lets be realistic here. I personally do not give a flying fuck about the media for all of it is a form of advertising. I could go deeper into it but unlike you I want to stay on the subject at hand. Yes you are entitled to your opinion & the same goes for me. So that is obvious... No shit sherlock... However if you make comments be sure to back up your opinion with facts.

    I hate Chelsea why because they are our Europen rivals yet I give them FULL credit for earning their UCL title last year. So how did I belittle their success? As for another hated rival Real madrid, I gave them FULL credit for winning La Liga but the issue is that Mourinho did not do enough to keep his job. As for the Darth Vader issues, yes Real Madrid does dirt but please tell me of another club that is immuned from doing whatever it takes to win? YES I AM INCLUDING BARCA! Just in case you are too blind to recognize that I mentioned my club. Not saying its right but it is true. Every club has a member gives the establishment a bad name. So how did I say that only Real is bad. What the fuck are you pulling out of your ass man?

    You may not care about Real Madrid but you sure as hell care enough to bitch about everything on their thread.... Yes you are free to do so but be sure to deal with rebuttals.

    As for holding my team accountable, it was my response to your bullshit generalization of Barca supporters not giving credit when it was due. You said it was always the refs we Barca fans like to blurt out. I am not one of those fans so think before you generalize.

    So ultimately your biggest issue is that I did not say the full name of your club & that I used too many LOLs? Okay here goes (wait for it):

    "FC Levadia Tallinn" & "haha" is that better?

    If that was an issue then you really had nothing to really attack me on.

  • Henderick Mitchell posted 455 days ago

    Henderick Mitchell

    Vin, Vin, Vin, Oh the silly agression LOL!

    I was under the impression that Levadia was in greece consider the is a town in Greece known as Levadeia & they do shorten the club name as FC Levadia aka FC Levadiakos. They also happen to have similar colors. However once again you are missing the point. No team is immuned from doing classless acts even your team from estonia. Just because Real wera the color white does not make tham right either. So no team is no less classless than another especially when it is a rival so cut the BS LOL! If I offended you from mistaking FC Levadiakos (Greece) from Levadia Tallinn my mistake for my personal attack LOL! But how in god's name is this a personal attack? You are just pulling straws man because I am being real. Lastly I hold my team accountable for neglecting to address their issues (ie defending, getting another attacker other than Messi). I gave Chelsea credit for beating barca even though I hate that squad & I was impressed by Bayern's performance. In fact that needed to happen to remind them that they have gotten too comfortable. Plus I can't stand that prick of a president we have. So I give credit where it is due. With that being said Barca deserved their success as well (whether you want to believe it or not). I will say that I am glad that my boys at least have won another major cup over Real madrid to send Jose packing. So not sure how I am "sniffing glue" LOL! Relax unwind & stop acting like Barca is the Darth vader team of the world. My squad has dealt with a lot of shit in the late 90s to early 00s. Where were you when Real got every single call & used shady tactics to take Di Stefano & Figo from us? Why are you not attacking Bayern for poaching players from other bundeliga squads? Why are you attacking some of the Italian teams for making racist chants at black people? See the pattern? NO TEAM IS IMMUNED FROM CLASSLESS ACTS LOL! So your response is baseless... LOL! Take your nap kid...

  • Junior Yanez posted 474 days ago

    Junior Yanez

    Fair enough. Just the whole "mom" joke is kind of lame is all I am saying. I do appreciate you not coming at me "like a douche". Very appreciated with all due sincerity.

  • Junior Yanez posted 474 days ago

    Junior Yanez

    I'm assuming you created this profile to harass people?

  • Dave Kuhn posted 474 days ago

    Dave Kuhn

    Your grandmother is doing just fine SON.