Bobby Slaughter

Bobby Slaughter


Retired truck driver from Fed. Exp. also drove for Old Dominion, American Freightways. Worked 10yrs in the business side of Thomas Ind. Express. Spent 2-yrs in the US Navy on board the USS Raleigh LPD-1 on the East Coast and 2-yrs on board the USS New Orleans LPH-11 on the West Coast making one trip to Viet Nam.

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  • Mista Amazing posted 1653 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    Friggin liar

  • Max Johnson posted 1653 days ago

    Max Johnson

    you said on a board your wife died and your son did too... Liar

  • Patrick Warren posted 2055 days ago

    Patrick Warren

    The reasons I dislike Calipari are these (in response to your comment on my bulletin board).

    1. He coaches Kentucky. This is more of a playful dislike. I simply don't have any reason, geographically or family-wise, to support Kentucky. As an elite school, they therefore are competitors against my favorite teams.

    2. He doesn't goes against my personal beliefs regarding college athletics.

    a. He basically uses Kentucky (and his prior schools) as training grounds for the NBA. I don't believe college athletics, and especially basketball and football, should be about getting to the NBA, and I think every college basketball player should get at least an associate's degree. By basically ignoring the student part of student athlete, he violates what I feel is the central idea of college athletics.

    b. He was involved in multiple scandals. This is less important than the above for me, but still is important. Regardless of his actual activity in the scandal, the head is still ultimately responsible for ensuring that all players on his team are eligible and stay within NCAA and team rules. I don't believe he personally was involved in the scandals, but I do think that he is partially responsible for what occurred.

    But I do respect the guy as a coach. He does a good job of both recruiting great players and getting them to play together as a team (though not necessarily of making them better individually). He is one of about 5-6 coaches I consider "elite", including guys like R. Williams, Coach K, Boehiem, and Self. But I don't like him (or most of the other elite coaches), mainly because they do not respect the integrity of education in college athletics.