As a journalist based in Buenos Aires, I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to witness some of the most passionate, hard-fought and skillful football in the world across the South American continent. Argentina and Brazil are a breeding ground for talent, and we watch budding stars week in week out before they take the move across the Europe and become household names.

I have been writing about the beautiful game in Argentina for the past three years, previously as South American correspondent for Goal.com and also as a freelance contributor for publications such as the Guardian, Blizzard and In Bed With Maradona. My football apprenticeship, however, began barely entering my teenage years, braving freezing conditions and lamentable standards of quality to cover amateur games for a local newspaper back in England. I love football, its fans, its culture and peculiarities and of course, the joyous spirit in which it is played, and I hope to transmit that passion in every article I write.

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  • Kunal Bhandari posted 258 days ago

    Kunal Bhandari

    How did Mussachio miss the cut for world cup, I do not understand . Frankly underpar squad selection with Cambiasso, Mussachio , Caballero missing out for no reason

  • BDOR KING posted 276 days ago


    Daniel do you think Enzo Perez has a shot at making Argentina world cup team especially if Benfica goes on to win the Euro Cup?

  • Scott Levy posted 308 days ago

    Scott Levy

    You haven't seen this film, with plenty of stars, the most fly-on-the-wall soccer film ever produced, with the greatest locker room rant by a legendary coach to start the film. It's a serious piece of work for any football fan on the planet.

  • Von Adrias posted 344 days ago

    Von Adrias

    Hello there, I just don't really think it's justifiable to rank Victor Valdes 11th on your ranking for goalkeepers. I just expect him to be higher, maybe 5th to 7th. Just a thought. He's just in an amazing form right now.

  • cj hef posted 447 days ago

    cj hef

    "If Neymar and company triumph in the Maracana in July of next year, Brazil will become the first team to lift the World Cup six times, pulling ahead of nearest rivals Italy (four) in the all-time leaderboard."

    They're already ahead in the leaderboard. Winning number 6 would put them farther ahead, but it wouldn't put them ahead, as they're already there

  • Brendan Morris posted 498 days ago

    Brendan  Morris

    How have you not added John Terry and Ashley Cole to your best defenders piece? Those two have been huge in why Chelsea have been so strong defensively for the better part of a decade.

  • Ed Dove posted 504 days ago

    Ed Dove

    I usually enjoy your writing Daniel, but I have a bit of an issue with your best defenders piece. The Uruguayan defender's name you mention in slide 12 ought to be Jose Leandro Andrade, not Andrada as you persistently call him. He IS fondly remembered to this day, but I think for the legitimacy of our site, and from someone who is a South American expert, we should be getting his name right. As an aside, his primary position would probably best be described as a right wing-back in today's game. Best, Dove CC

  • Micheal Abaho posted 516 days ago

    Micheal Abaho

    Hello, Daniel, jus wanted to let u know that i really loved the "Complete comparison article" btn Messi and Ron. There's really alot that is tabled when comparing the two, but that article is a complete abstract that is a ground fact. Would love to read more of your articles

  • pejman badiei posted 521 days ago

    pejman badiei

    Why do you not allow comments on your garbage prem league predictions article. man city will be on the score sheet? Are you a real columnist? come on man please try, or if you are not gonna try at least let people comment on your crap especially if you're just mailing it in.

  • The LOL Guy posted 537 days ago

    The LOL Guy

    how could you forget Hazard, Reus, Bale, Oscar

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