Chef from Chicago

Chef from Chicago


Chef is rapper/producer/teacher from Chicago's West Side [ listen to his music @ ]. As a witness to the Bulls' championship runs, he knows that any comparisons to the second Bulls dynasty are misinformed; any to Michael Jordan are hyperbole. He also knows that Scottie Pippen is the most underrated player ever, no longer owns a Dodge dealership and has a trophy wife.

Likes: Hoops, Music, Vinyl, CP3

Dislikes: Hue Hollins, NBA refs in general, Bill Belichick, Jerry Reinsdorf, the NBA's newfound distate for defense, basketball players who flop, spoiled athletes, athletes intimidated by their sponsors, 98 % of Cubs' fans, 100% of Yankee, Red Sox and Patriot fans, people who claim baseball is a sport.

Hates: religion, big business, Democrats, Republicans, David Stern and his buttbuddy Clay Bennett

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  • Scott Glisson posted 3340 days ago

    Scott Glisson

    Hey Chef!

    I hope you were able to watch or listen to tonight's game in Utah!

    If not, here's how it went down. Check it out if you get a chance. Thanks!


  • Chef from Chicago posted 3510 days ago

    Chef from Chicago

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