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My father, Anu, and my brother, Enlil are master engineers. They also possess vast knowledge relative to many, many aspects of reality, inter-dimension reality, and applied quantum mechanics.

Ninhursag and myself are master geneticists. Our primary task is studying the evolution of food stock species. We focus efforts to identify unfavourable genetic mutations and anomalies within the food chain. We analyze the potential impact such genetic variations may have on the perpetual advancement of highly conscious species and the habitats in which they dwell.

We locate and quarantine any unfavourable mutation, then we sterilize the reproductive abilitiy of the naturally occurring genetic mutation. Essentially we are decimating any potential for reproduction the mutated genes may have. This allows the carefully balanced eco-system to remain unaltered and intact, preserving the food chain for Earth's highly evolved natives.

Through my time working here on Earth, I have become intrigued with the evolution of sport. Humans are amazing and have continually advanced the competitive arena of sport. Every century humans have developed new competitions/games as a way to prove their worth against other men/women. Sport is also used as a tool to teach important life lessons and maxims.

Over the centuries, there have always been 5 constants that remain unique to the human race;
dramatic arts/singing
All have the same motivator at the core - love.

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