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f you decide to buy a home automation system security, it is best to know that there are 4 types and also you should know the pros and cons of each one of them.

The 4 types of home automation security system is:

Hard-wired unmonitored
Hard-wired Monitored
Wireless monitored
Wireless Monitored

Hard-wired systems are monitored

Type of system is the most common and most cost-effective when the automation system first emerged. In a typical set-up, cable 3 or more sensors attached to the window or door that will be the easiest to access for potential intruders. info Margahayuland Home security cameras Kata Kata Mutiara

The sensor is then connected to the central unit. This system can only be turned off by entering the code.

One major drawback is that the authorities are not immediately available, which means that you will have to rely on your neighbors. The main upside is the low cost. If you live in a safe area or in an area tightly clustered, rather than programmed monitored system is the best for you.

Hard-wired Monitored System

These types of systems are similar to those monitored, only that, when the alarm is triggered, the authorities contacted. In many cases the owner can choose to make a silent alarm so that thieves do not realize it. It always increases the likelihood of arrest.

The main upside is that both the security provider or the police immediately contacted. The downside is the cost included. If it is monitored, the system would be more expensive, and if you hire a security provider, then you will have to pay a monthly fee.

Wireless monitor system

Wireless system implies the use of wireless sensors and infrared light to communicate with the central unit via radio waves. This system is similar to the programmed monitored, only the use of new technologies and other types of sensor detection.

The main upside is that the system is not tied to electrical or telephone cables. Systems cost more but if you have a large house that could come out cheaper than doing all the wiring.

Wireless monitoring system

The system as it is monitored, only that one is alert authorities. There are two major upsides to this system: work independently of access to electricity and telephone and contact the police immediately. Sometimes, this system also includes a surveillance camera, but it can add a lot to the final cost. info Margahayuland Home security cameras Kata Kata Mutiara

Be careful when choosing a security system for your home. Choose the one that best suits your needs and also have a good price for you.

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