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  • Zach posted 1627 days ago


    i dont care about years past all that matters is this year and i didnt go over to the ND site (cuz i dont give a shit about ND) it showed up on my phone under college football news and i had to comment considering putting the Natty on your schedule is a stupid move, once again you lose, yes please this is exhausting, have fun in the panda express bowl.

  • Zach posted 1628 days ago


    im not trying to smooth anything, i just thought ND fans were supposed to be intelligent and realize the odds of getting back into the natty (or any BCS game for that matter) is far not sneering your natty visit it baffles me that any ND fan would even talk about that pathetic outing ever again...i dont talk about our natty visit and that was actually a good game...someone needs to go back to school...or go for the first time i dont know
    ps...notre dame sucks

  • Zach posted 1629 days ago


    I salute you sir for coming to my actual page buuuuut thats bull that ND fans don't come over to duck country haha mostly 'Bama tho comments were not ignorant they were based on truth except for my prediction of an 8-4 season...that was opinion, i'd bet on 8-4 or 9-3. I came over to ND to warn you guys not to become the Jets of college football but it seems I am too late...better hope you can back up your trash talk come bowl season...