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My knowledge and love of basketball comes from experience. And I've learned a lot along the way.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Foul shots win games. Defense is about effort. The ball never lies.

I’m currently pursuing a journalism degree at Seton Hall University, and also cover the Pirates for the school newspaper.

At Bleacher Report, I write about the Brooklyn Nets while branching out into other topics around the basketball universe, too.

Follow me on twitter (@TJDhoops) or shoot me an email ( with any questions, comments or inquiries.

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  • Tony Rock posted 376 days ago

    Tony Rock

    How about an article predicting West and East All stars for upcoming season
    I have a feeling Gasol will be voted in as starter for West

  • Jimmy Jazz posted 409 days ago

    Jimmy Jazz

    Hi there, mate. So, I like your articles, see? Just a tip, though, don't ever talk about the Clippers "owning" L.A in a Lakers article.

    That'll be all. Keep up the good work.

  • Son Goku posted 432 days ago

    Son Goku

    wait. so are you playing for a university or???

  • I'm a sophomore in high school, my dream is also to make it big in the world of Journalism! Right now I write sports articles all the time, no one see's them unless I have some kind of project, but I read them when I get the chance! I also play basketball, going into my first year of varsity basketball! I can't wait for the challenge, and to get better everyday over the next few years and hopefully beyond! No matter what my goal is to be a Sports analyst/writer, it is something I am VERY passionate about. I read your article on Derrick Rose, and his ACL tear. I pray that you make a FULL recovery and continue your Hoop Dreams! The article was very well written, and had tons of facts! I was really surprised to see how young you are, because usually Sports writers on websites are well out of college, and deep into their professions! Just wanted to say you are an inspiration to me, and maybe one day we will meet up writing and/or hooping one day!

    God Bless bro,
    Trice High

  • Samir posted 481 days ago


    Do you really consider Shumpert to be better than DeMarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe? I know this is a little late, but I just saw your article and you said "I can pick out only a handful of players that I would consider truly better than Shump: Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Jrue Holiday and John Wall. That’s it."

    And yes, I know you said you only 'truly' consider them better, but still, cousins and Monroe>Shumpert without a doubt. In terms of the future, Cousins>Shumpert>Monroe, but right now, Shumpert is far behind

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