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  • Seasnowymike posted 43 days ago


    You're a hack writer for that Nick Young piece on the air ball with 5 seconds left. Troll.

  • North Side posted 50 days ago

    North Side

    you're a huge loser.

  • Jack Willis posted 70 days ago

    Jack  Willis

    Hey weasel - where's the retraction and apology on the Texas player...? Be a man... Oh wait, you're a weasel - you can't be both...

  • California Texan posted 71 days ago

    California Texan

    I agree with Chris. It was a lousy take on your part. You feel good about yourself trashing someone that got injured?

  • Chris C posted 71 days ago

    Chris C

    You need to fix that trash "article" about the UT player who went down injured. You questioned his character, and he is now out 6-8 weeks with an injured shoulder.

  • Sean Mack posted 105 days ago

    Sean Mack

    I like the Peanut Butter Jelly article on Ricky Jean Francois, and you wrapped it up perfectly by saying, "Your move Skippy." But if you watched the video of him eating the PB&J at home you can see he is eating Jif.

  • Jeffrey Ton posted 144 days ago

    Jeffrey Ton

    the warriors dont have the best looking logo you piece of fucking shit. They have definitely one of the worst and ugliest logos in the NBA you dipshit.

  • steve plasto posted 157 days ago

    steve plasto

    Thomas I don't think the MJ vs. Corey Benjamin one on one game was as one sided as you suggest.

    This article, from Nov 1999, states that the score was 11-9.


  • Skip E. Bayless posted 162 days ago

    Skip E. Bayless

    of course your bum a** wants to start a controversy over what newton said although he stated he has high respect for tom brady before. But any decent journalist would actually look into that instead of posting your ridiculous article. Proving you are a terrible journalist who just likes to create make believe controversy.

  • Misael Valderrama posted 364 days ago

    Misael Valderrama

    for some reason it posted multiple times and i can't delete the others if it shows multiple posts my apologies.