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  • P D posted 1641 days ago

    P D

    That was quite something! What say? :D

  • Dave Kuhn posted 1642 days ago

    Dave Kuhn

    Hi Alex. I agree with you. I was incredibly angry at the decision to announce this now. I'm happy Gotze is coming to Bayern and I knew it was inevitable because he was born in Bavaria and always said he dreamed of playing there.. not to mention Pep had Gotze as his #1 transfer dream because he wants to try to develop Gotze in the false 9 Messi role.

    The reason they leaked this was surely to take the focus off of the Uli Hoeness tax evasion scandal. I still hate that they did it this way and now I honestly think both German teams are doomed in the Champions League. This is a HUGE distraction that they did not need. Now players like Robben and Gomez probably won't even try against Barca because they both know they have nothing to play for as they will surely be let go this summer.

    Dortmund will certainly have a lot of changes next season, but the only good thing for them is that they are set to get a TON of money that they can spend on someone like Isco maybe.
    Gotze-37 million
    Hummels-35 million (almost definite that he's going to Barca)
    Gundogen-10 million (I bet he ends up at Barca too)
    Lewandowski to United - 25 million

    That's over 100 million right there plus the 50 million euro bonus for making it this far in the Champions League.. even more if they win it.

    So basically Dortmund will have around 150 million to spend this summer.

  • P D posted 1642 days ago

    P D

    Lets see if Dortmund can replinsh the squad.Reus and Gundogan turned out to be better than their predecessors,so they might pull off Eriksen or Isco. Congratulations on the new ownership,hopefully you will retain Falcao and also attract talent. However,its important owners are like Roman or Qataris who own PSG.They must have interest in football and not see it as a business like FSG ,Glazers or the Malaga owner.

  • Matthew Buening posted 1642 days ago

    Matthew Buening

    Dude! Massive news for Athleti with the new owner! What do you think?

    Personally I think so long as he can make his payments (unlike Malaga's owner) this is a good thing. They can retain talent and invest for the future.